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Leading US-Based Medical Equipment Supplier Goes Digital By Integrating Systems And Creating Equipment-As-A-Service Solution, Using Cloud And Mobility

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Medical Equipment provider of MME, bedframes, support surfaces, mobility technology, and more, is a trusted partner of hospitals and alternate-site healthcare providers in the United States. The company operates from 30+ locations in the US and has been in the medical equipment rental business for over 20 years. They are supported by an ecosystem of IT & software applications to manage these assets and track them in real-time for quality control and smart inventory management. These systems ensure their medical supply chain remains healthy. The field force, equipped with mobile application, ensured on-time services for equipment delivery and maintenance.
The Medical Equipment provider controls vast network of distributed assets and services, managed by discrete operations and ERP applications. However, the warehouse, customer management, order sales and rental operations, and employee management applications were all working in silos, which meant:  
  • Separate systems for warehouse, customer management, sales, rentals, and employee management. 
  • Time-consuming revenue accounting due to legacy application inefficiencies. 
  • Inadequate real-time tracking of over 60,000 medical assets, especially during transit, leading to visibility and revenue impact. 
  • Desire to integrate accounting and asset management into a single, efficient system. 

Here’s how the company built a unified cloud enabled application on Azure PaaS platform and achieved notable improvements with their new asset management system such as: 
  • Unified operational systems for efficient information exchange. 
  • Enhanced asset tracking and route planning for effective asset delivery. 
  •  Improved customer satisfaction index, contributing to market growth. 

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