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Leading Real Estate Solutions Provider Achieves Real-Time Visibility Into Its Workflow Management With Cloud-Native Field Service Mobility Solution

By Saviant Consulting

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Leading Real Estate solutions provider is based in Lakewood, Colorado. They are widely recognized as a leader in providing customizable workflow management system (WMS), ERP, Accounting, Home Building etc. They started with software solutions for data reporting, scheduling, training, business and implementation processing etc. Today, 10,000+ home building professionals use their workflow management system. 

Previously, they were depending heavily on legacy systems. The absence of field and enterprise mobility bought their products and services on a challenging path, which meant:  
  • Their single tenancy model led to challenges to handle large user base, data processing, customize and upgrade the solutions, and more. 
  • Their desktop applications had minimal interaction with other software, affecting stakeholder coordination across multiple projects and locations. 
  • Without a field mobility solution, customers lacked real-time updates on resources, tasks, and progress. 
  • Scaling up solutions was difficult, affecting performance, data management, and system responsiveness. 
  • Legacy systems led to potential negative user experiences due to inefficiencies and the possibility of duplicating efforts. 

Here’s how they tackled these challenges by re-engineering their legacy system and with the implementation of a field service mobility solution to successfully: 
  • Streamline real-time operations management. 
  • Achieve 40% operational productivity gain. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction from 60% to 90%, leading to 38% business growth. 

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