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Identity Resolution: Connecting The Dots And Understanding Your Customer

By Amperity

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The importance of identity

Scenario 1: Open your email and scroll through the same tired offers — a 20% discount on a pair of shoes you already own, or a deal for cat food when you don’t even own a cat. 45 minutes on hold as you wait for a customer service representative to track down your details as you try and return a pair of shoes.
Scenario 2: Open your email to find offers and deals hand-picked for you. As soon as you call customer service to adjust an order, the representative greets you by name and handles the exchange immediately, while making recommendations for products they think you’d enjoy.

Ideally, every business should always deliver the second scenario, but that requires knowing your customers, and scattered customer data is difficult to make sense of. That’s where identity resolution comes in — it turns the treasure trove of data customers provide businesses with (everything from email engagement to transaction history to loyalty program activity) into concrete information, allowing businesses to treat their customers like the unique individuals they are. 

Read this guide to understand why the best marketing is based on a solid foundation of identity, the obstacles on the road to a single view of the customer, and the benefits it brings. 
In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • Why identity is the foundation for effective personalization

  • Why it has an impact on everything from ROI to customer relations

  • The common challenges plaguing identity resolution 

  • Insights from Alaska Airlines, Lucky Brand, Deckers Brand, and more on the results of effective identity resolution 

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