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How Do I Cloud SaaS For Marine

By Siemens Digital Industries Software

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This document discusses the implementation of cloud-based SaaS solutions, particularly focusing on PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions, within the context of engineering transformation acceleration. It compares the financial aspects, IT burden alleviation, data security, and flexibility in remote work environments between SaaS and traditional on-premise or client-operated cloud models. SaaS models offer lower initial costs but higher annual expenses, while providing managed hardware, software updates, and data security by the solution provider. Additionally, they enable easier scalability and access for remote stakeholders. Conversely, traditional models require higher initial investments, necessitate in-house IT management, and entail greater data security responsibilities for the client.

In summary, the document advocates for the adoption of SaaS PLM solutions for their cost-effectiveness, IT burden reduction, enhanced data security, and improved flexibility in remote work scenarios. By leveraging cloud-based SaaS models, organizations can streamline their operations, benefit from managed infrastructure, and adapt more seamlessly to evolving business needs, ultimately contributing to the acceleration of engineering transformation initiatives within the industry.

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