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Driving Engineering Innovation For Vehicle Electrification

By Siemens

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Electrification reshapes vehicle engineering processes and methods. Market players feel the pressure to innovate while aiming at producing mass-market vehicles. The entire transportation industry needs to adapt and deliver solutions that offer optimal drive range, performance, life and in-vehicle experience at the lowest possible cost. The fierce competition requires adopting a real-time compre-hensive digital twin framework that bridges virtual and physical engineering and preempts late technology defects or unexpected poor performance.

Coupling simulation with physical testing methods at various stages of development permits advanced validation of the system even before it exists.

This white paper addresses multiple aspects of the performance engineering of electrified vehicles:
  • How the digital twin of hybrid and electric vehicles enable the virtual assessment and exploration of the various design options
  • How manufacturers can balance the performance attributes
  • How integrated simulation and testing solutions help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and sup-pliers

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