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Copilot For Microsoft 365 Adoption Playbook

By Microsoft

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The "Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption Playbook" offers business leaders a strategic roadmap for integrating AI into their organizations effectively. By following the playbook's phased approach, businesses can prepare for AI implementation, accelerate usage and engagement, track progress and impact, and finally, extend and optimize AI capabilities within their operations. With actionable steps, insights from the Copilot Early Access Program, and guidance on security, data settings, seat assignments, and more, the playbook equips leaders to leverage AI to enhance productivity, quality of work, and overall business performance.

Through intentional seat assignments, creation of AI councils, and ongoing training initiatives, organizations can maximize the benefits of Copilot for Microsoft 365. By fostering a culture of peer learning, identifying champions, and regularly celebrating successes, businesses can drive widespread adoption and ensure that Copilot becomes an integral part of daily workflows. With continuous feedback, customization options, and access to resources like the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard and Copilot Studio, organizations can tailor Copilot to their unique needs and leverage its capabilities to drive transformative change across various business functions.

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