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7 Stats Proving The Value Of Cloud Data Integration

By Informatica

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Know the Benefits: 328% ROI and 75% Faster Data Processing

With economic pressures and tighter budgets, it’s important to make the right investments with the most value. When vetting any new vendor or solution, you want to know exactly what you’re going to get in return.

Luckily, when it comes to Informatica’s cloud data integration services, you can access an in-depth ROI assessment of several customers, including:
  • 328% average ROI

  • 75% faster data processing

  • $3,850,000 annual developer productivity savings

With an advanced data management platform — built for the cloud, in the cloud — you can tap into cost savings, performance improvements and automated data processing for ETL and ELT.
Dive into the benefits and cost savings tied to Informatica with this Nucleus Research report, “ROI Guidebook: Informatica Cloud Data Integration Services.” You’ll learn:
  • Research-backed ROI stats and a detailed list of benefits

  • In-depth ROI assessments of four Informatica customers across different industries

  • Analyses of costs and key financial metrics

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