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Writer's Palmyra LLM Makes Waves In Enterprise AI!

By TD NewsDesk

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Updated on Thu, Jan 11, 2024

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San Francisco-based startup Writer, having secured $100 million in funding in September 2023, has quietly positioned itself as a significant player in the enterprise-focused large language model (LLM) arena. Despite flying under the radar compared to industry giants like OpenAI and Meta, Writer's proprietary Palmyra LLMs are gaining attention for their exceptional performance in enterprise use cases, with major companies such as Accenture, Vanguard, HubSpot and Pinterest inclined towards Palmyra AI models to enhance their operations and efficiency.

What Is Writer And Palmyra And How It Can Help Enterprises?

  • Writer's journey began in mid-2020 as a marketing tool before evolving into a comprehensive solution for enterprises. 
  • Co-founded by May Habib and Waseem AlShikh, the startup launched Palmyra-Small, Palmyra-Base and Palmyra-Large in February 2023, catering to different scales of enterprise needs.
  • The introduction of Knowledge Graph in May 2023 further enhanced Writer's enterprise capabilities, allowing companies to connect business data sources to Palmyra.
  • Highlighting the Writer's commitment to a full-stack solution, Habib explained the significance of the model along with a built-in RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) solution. This approach eliminates the need for sending data to external models, providing a more streamlined and efficient process. ‘
  • Habib emphasized her view that enterprises benefit from smaller models with curated training data and updated datasets. This approach, she argued, ensures more manageable and cost-effective operations.

So, How Is Palmyra Different?

  • Writer CEO May Habib said in a LinkedIn post: “Palmyra X from Writer is doing EVEN BETTER than the classic benchmark. We aren’t just the top model in the MMLU benchmark, but the top model in production overall — close second only to the GPT-4 previews that were analyzed. And across translation benchmarks — a NEW test — we’re #1.”

TechDogs-"A Screengrab Of May Habib’s Post."  
  • Recent benchmarking by Stanford HAI's Center for Research on Foundation Models added a new benchmark, HELM Lite, which incorporates in-context learning for LLMs. In this context, Writer's Palmyra models, specifically X V2 and X V3, delivered unexpectedly impressive results.
  • Percy Liang, Director of the Stanford Center, acknowledged their performance, with Palmyra excelling in machine translation and securing the top spot in this crucial area.
  • Habib emphasized the economic viability of Palmyra models for enterprises, particularly in comparison to resource-intensive models like GPT-4. She highlighted the need for Generative Artificial Intelligence use cases to align with economic considerations, emphasizing the challenges associated with running large models in enterprise environments.

What Are The Possible Challenges For Writer?

  • Habib underscored the importance of benchmarking efforts aligned with real-world enterprise scenarios.
  • She critiqued the limitations of models like GPT-4 and GPT-Turbo in terms of scalability and economic feasibility for enterprises.
  • Habib also expressed confidence in Stanford HAI's benchmarking, considering it closer to real enterprise use cases, compared to conventional leaderboards from platforms such as Hugging Face.

However, responding to concerns about the superiority of specialized models, Habib pointed to the HELM Lite leaderboard, where medical LLM models outperformed GPT-4. Beyond a certain threshold, she asserted, factors like inference and cost become crucial considerations for enterprises.

In a nutshell, Writer's Palmyra AI models have emerged as a formidable force in the enterprise AI landscape, proving their mettle through impressive benchmark performances and strategic alignment with business realities.

Do you think Writer's Palmyra models can stand out as a promising choice for forward-thinking enterprises? Will we see more businesses adopt Palmyra AI models for business applications?

Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

First published on Thu, Jan 11, 2024

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