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Will The Adoption Of Generative AI Reshape The EdTech Sector?

By TD NewsDesk

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Updated on Thu, Sep 7, 2023

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Want to know the latest scoop on generative AI?

Of course, you do; get ready to enter the classroom!

Teachers at Lund University, a top institution in Sweden, recently announced that students will be allowed to use AI-assistance for homework. Wait, what?

Similarly, the University of Hong Kong permits ChatGPT under specific parameters and faculty at the University of Western Australia in Perth have spoken with students about the difficulties and potential benefits of utilizing generative AI in their class work.

GenAI systems, such as ChatGPT, use language and data patterns to generate content that looks like human work in numerous contexts, including academia, prompting predictions of revolutionary change in the educational sector.

If AI becomes capable of duplicating — at much quicker speeds and accuracy — the research currently done by humans, it could pose a severe challenge to the academic community. The ability of GenAI to analyze data is viewed favorably by many since it can serve as a springboard for further in-depth critical examination. However, using AI to generate academic content is leading to a lot of debate within academic circles.

The discussion was echoed in MIT's technology review: 89 percent of teachers and 79 percent of pupils who have utilized AI for homework were pleased with the results. A large proportion of those polled agreed that "ChatGPT is just another example of why we can't keep doing things the old way for schools in the modern world."

"It can help the students to adapt the course material to their individual needs, aiding them much like a personal tutor would do," said Leif Kari, vice president for education at Stockholm's KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

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Is Generative AI Helping Students Or Is It Just A Convenient Shortcut?

Concerns have been raised that, as AI content improves, students may more rely on it to produce work, thereby raising claims of cheating. Copyright concerns from using GenAI for one's homework could potentially arise, raising the topic of whether or not AI should be excluded from the classroom.

Project manager in the Strategic Development Office at Lund University in southern Sweden, Rachel Forsyth, said a ban "feels like something that we can't enforce."
"We're trying to put the focus back on learning and away from cheating and policing the students," she explained.

Turnitin, a similarity detection service, released a new tool in April that utilizes AI to identify text that was created by LLMs, such as ChatGPT. More than 10,000 schools throughout the world have received this technology at no cost but beginning in January, it will be subject to a fee.

According to data from Turnitin, only 3% of students used AI for more than 80% of their submissions, while 78% did not use AI at all.

"I reckon AI has a far way to go before it's properly useful," said Sophie Constant, a 19-year-old law student at the University of Oxford in England.

Should The Use Of Generative AI In Classrooms Be Governed?

New recommendations from UNESCO highlight the possibility that the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in classrooms would exacerbate existing inequalities as it would be necessary to have access to electricity, computers and the internet, which many of the world's poor do not have.

Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO Stefania Giannini told Reuters, "We are struggling to align the speed of transformation of the education system to the speed of the change in technological progress."

When it comes to proposed legislation governing the application of AI, the European Union (EU) is now ahead of the pack. Although education is outside the scope of the regulations, some of the more general principles, such as those on ethics, may be applicable.

"In terms of universities, as a professor, rather than fighting it, you need to leverage AI, experience it, develop a good framework, guidelines and a responsible AI system, and then work with students to find a mechanism that works for you," said Kirsten Rulf, a partner at Boston Consulting Group who helped draft the EU's regulations on AI in her previous role.

"I think we are the last generation that has lived in a world without GenAI."

TechDogs-"Image Of Assistant Director-General For Education At UNESCO Stefania Giannini."
Is Generation AI the key to unlocking the potential of tomorrow's classrooms?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

First published on Thu, Sep 7, 2023

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