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Will Google’s New Internet And Cloud Services Endeavor Make It The Sector Leader?

By TD NewsDesk

TD NewsDesk

Updated on Tue, Sep 26, 2023

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Look up. Do you see it?

On the beautiful blue canvas of the sky that one fluffy white cloud that looks like a dog? Or the other one beside it that resembles a cat? Aah, isn’t it amazing how creative a person can become looking at something as simple as clouds, isn’t it?

Cut to modern times and cloud now has a digital version – cloud storage!

Well, one of the biggest tech conglomerates, Google, is actively looking to enhance its digital cloud infrastructure. So, what is it planning? Let’s explore:

What Is Google Doing?

  • Google, through Google Cloud, announced a new subsea cable system, that will help build on its internet infrastructure and grow its user base for cloud-based services.

  • It is aimed at improving the overall picture of internet connectivity and network resiliency across the Atlantic.

  • In addition to diversifying international routes, the cable system will also help develop Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure for the regions involved.

  • This isn’t the first such project Google has undertaken, with more than a dozen that have been completed across the years. It all started with Unity, which spanned over 6,000 miles, stretching from California to Japan and began operations in 2010.

  • Nuvem, its latest cloud project, will add capacity, increase reliability and decrease latency for the company’s users globally, is expected to be completed in 2026. This will add to the other existent systems connecting North America, South America, Europe and Africa.

  • So, why did we lead the article talking predominantly about clouds? It’s because “Nuvem” is the Portuguese word for “cloud”! #FunFact


What Did Google Say About Nuvem?

  • In an announcement made on their website, Google said, “Today, we’re announcing Nuvem, a new transatlantic subsea cable system to connect Portugal, Bermuda, and the United States.”

  • Furthermore, Google also said, “Nuvem will add capacity, increase reliability, and decrease latency for Google users and Google Cloud customers around the world.

  • [Contd.] Alongside Firmina and Equiano, it will create important new data corridors connecting North America, South America, Europe, and Africa — serving as the underwater roots that strengthen the intercontinental network lattice while bringing together people and economies around the world.”


What Did Others Say About This New Cloud Expansion?

  • Henry McMaster, Governor of South Carolina, said, “The additional cable connecting to South Carolina reaffirms our state's position as a leader in cutting-edge technologies ... We celebrate Google's continued investments in digital infrastructure and look forward to seeing the positive economic impacts across the state and the globe.”

  • David Hart, CEO, Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA), said, "The BDA has long advocated that Bermuda’s centrality makes it an ideal landfall and interconnection point for submarine cables between the Americas, Europe and Africa and we are so excited these efforts have borne fruit.”

  • [Contd.] “With around 95% of the world’s communications being carried on submarine cable networks, Bermuda’s role as an international data-transit switch will provide increased network resiliency and redundancy to countries on both sides of the Atlantic for decades to come.”

  • H.E. João Galamba, Minister of Infrastructure, Portugal, said, “Google's investment incorporates our vision for Portugal in the telecom and data sectors: to establish our country as a thriving connectivity gateway for Europe, fostering robust connections with other continents.”

In July, we reported on a new data agreement the European Commission entered with the US government enabling American businesses to transfer the personal data of European citizens to US-based servers and vice versa. While Google already has infrastructure in place connecting Europe to the US, this move will enhance current measures.

Do you think this move is a major boost for Google’s cloud sector? Should its competitors look to invest in similar networking avenues?

Let us know in the comments below!

First published on Tue, Sep 26, 2023

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