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Will Ambiq's Open-source Speech Recognition AI Model Make Noise In The Business World?

By TD NewsDesk

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Updated on Wed, Aug 30, 2023

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Get ready to dive into the realm of emerging technology with Ambiq!

Ambiq Micro Inc., a firm developing low-power chips for intelligent edge devices, has released a new Neural Network Speech Enhancer as part of its AI toolset, allowing devices to record clear human speech even in extremely noisy settings. #CouldYouRepeatThat

Although Ambiq is best known for its energy-efficient semiconductors, the company also provides a suite of tools for creating artificial intelligence models that can be deployed on wearables, fitness trackers and more.

Ambiq's neuralSPOT Model Zoo, a repository of open-source endpoint AI models optimized for runtime on edge devices, makes many of these resources available. Creators of AI models that need to operate on low-power devices without access to the cloud will find all they need in the neuralSPOT Model Zoo. #Savior

Recently added to the neuralSPOT Model Zoo is the Neural Network Speech Enhancer. The optimized model is also hosted on GitHub and allows for pristine voice recording even in the noisiest of contexts by instantly removing background noise as a person speaks into a mobile device.
Let's check through the fine print and see how this new development actually makes a difference!

In what ways might Ambiq's open-source AI be useful to businesses?

Ambiq explains that the model is accompanied by a number of scripts and tools that make it easy for programmers to integrate voice de-noising into their software. It also includes a user interface for recording the enhanced speech and the original loud audio so that application users can show off the functionality of their software.

According to the business, this feature is especially helpful in environments with background noise, such as automobiles, factories, offices and even outdoor settings like construction sites, where clear audio communications are essential. Voice memos, voice chat and speech recognition are just some of the uses for the high-quality recordings made possible by the Neural Network Speech Enhancer.

Furthermore, it can run in real-time with low latency on low-powered devices. The programme can also be utilized immediately on Ambiq's development platform, as well as exported for usage in other contexts for training and the construction of unique models, thanks to the liberal BSD-3-clause licence.

Neural Network Speech Enhancer may be the sole open-source TinyML implementation of AI speech de-noising for internet-of-things devices, says Carlos Morales, vice president of AI at Ambiq.
Ambiq is just one of many firms targeting what is predicted to be a massive market for artificial intelligence (AI) at the periphery (edge devices) of corporate networks.

Will Ambiq's latest open-source AI model sweep the speech-capturing scene? Will AI-driven denoising applications transform how we use communications-based IoT devices?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

First published on Wed, Aug 30, 2023

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