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What’s New In The Global Go Green Initiative?

By TD NewsDesk

TD NewsDesk

Updated on Wed, Oct 11, 2023

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The latest trend in global business is witnessing a surge in green technology, alternative fuels and sustainable energy source investments. #GoGreenGoClean

This includes new Electric Vehicles (EV) companies (read here), battery enhancers (read here), charging stations (read here), production methods improvements (read here) and software development (read here).

Even transportation is adapting through on-road autonomous taxis (read here) flying taxis (read here) and driverless trucks (read here).

Suffice it to say, it’s been an active year environmentally and it’s just getting better!

Let’s explore what it’s all about!

Who’s Leading The Charge In Electric Clean Technologies?

  • Japan, a major greentech leader, is looking to swap fossil fuel-powered aircraft for electric ones and is investing significantly in this initiative.

  • Reportedly, Japan is subsidizing hydrogen fuel systems and related components and equipment for a total of 30.6 billion yen, which converts to roughly $205 million.

  • This includes 17.3 billion yen ($116 million) allotted for the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems for aircraft and 13.3 billion yen ($89 million) to develop engine control systems that offer fuel efficiency.

  • The aim is to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions and realize carbon neutrality by 2050.

  • Further, this will also be done to “help the nation's companies compete in an emerging segment of the aerospace industry.”

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What’s Happening With Biofuel In CleanTech?

  • The world’s biggest palm oil producer, Indonesia, completed a test flight using jet fuel blended with palm oil, using a Boeing 737-800NG aircraft owned by flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia.

  • The test flight included a 130+ km (80+ miles) return trip from the capital Jakarta to Pelabuhan Ratu (Southern Java islands) that took one hour and used fuel containing 2.4% palm oil.

  • Irfan Setiaputra, Garuda Chief Executive, said "With these results, Garuda Indonesia is ready to explore the use of sustainable aviation fuel on commercial flights." Irfan further mentioned that the fuel could see wider usage post a detailed study.

  • While Garuda has run static tests and engine ground tests prior to the test flight since July, the country itself ran another test flight in 2021, using an aircraft made by Dirgantara Indonesia.

  • The use of such fuels does raise some concerns, particularly those pertaining to deforestation accruing from the production of palm oil, with the European Union even imposing import restrictions.


What’s Happening In India With Swappable Batteries?

  • Reliance Industries, a multi-sector company including oil refining, displayed a swappable and removable battery for EVs recently, which are also multipurpose as they can power household appliances through an inverter, as per reports.

  • Batteries can be swapped at Reliance’s battery swap stations and can be recharged at home using rooftop solar panels, which the company plans to sell. An exact selling date was not provided.

  • This move comes courtesy of a $10 billion plan the company has earmarked towards clean energy projects and an aim to attain net zero carbon emissions by 2035.

  • Additionally, Reliance acquired two battery companies in 2021 (Faradion - sodium-ion batteries) and 2022 (Lithium Werks, lithium iron phosphate [LFP] batteries) for around $200 million.

  • The company also spoke of other projects, including customizable batteries for business and individual usage, intelligent swap stations and integrated charging networks.

  • Additionally, India currently has a $2.4 billion program to boost local battery cell production in the works.

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What’s Happening With Solar Technologies?

  • Solar-powered electric yachts are quickly becoming the new toy of many wealthy celebrities, making solar a viable transportation option!

  • Yachts are considered an environmentally-degrading machine that releases carbon dioxide and sulfur into the atmosphere as well as water, as per reports.

  • Of the 5,555 superyachts around the world, the report finds that 30% of them come from North America.

  • According to Mike Horn, a professional explorer and North Pole adventurer, “Electric yachts are the new generation of yachting ... I believe electric yachts and electric motors will be the main propulsion of pleasure yachts and even cargo vessels in the near future.”

  • Stephan Kress, Chief Innovation Officer at Silent Yachts (an Austrian electric yacht company and self-referred to as “Tesla of the seas″), said, “We have the next generation of solar panels coming to the market, the next generation of electric batteries coming to the market, and the next generation of electric motors.” 

What other moves do you think companies and countries should make to further enhance the “Go Green” movement? Who will be the next leader in greentech?

Let us know in the comments below!

First published on Wed, Oct 11, 2023

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