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Sightful Introduces Spacetop G1, A Screenless Laptop Propelling Spatial Computing

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Updated on Mon, Jun 3, 2024

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As technology advances, customers and businesses are looking for quicker, more capable and more innovative computing methods.

This includes exploring the spatial computing sphere, which consists of combining and blending the physical world with virtual content.

In the last few years, Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) glasses have gained tremendous popularity, pulling in companies such as Meta and Apple, which launched their Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro glasses, respectively.

However, some issues that users pointed out with such glasses are that they are rather heavy, making them uncomfortable and difficult to wear for hours on end.

This is an issue that technology startup Sightful is looking to tackle with its newest product, the Spacetop G1.

So, how is Sightful’s new product going to solve the heavyweight problem? Let’s explore!

What Is Sightful’s Spacetop G1?

  • Sightful revealed its Spacetop G1, which is a first-of-its-kind screenless laptop.

  • The device comes with a keyboard, which is paired with a pair of AR glasses, which are custom designed by XREAL, a leading manufacturer of AR glasses and technology.

  • These glasses are designed to accommodate custom prescription lenses, which can be shipped with Spacetop at purchase.

  • Once a user dons the glasses, the device offers a 100-inch (2,540 mm) virtual environment display through a 13-inch slim laptop-like device, using a proprietary operating system (SpaceOS) based on Android, with Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth, 5G connectivity.

  • The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS8550 chip that offers 70% faster processing speed, 16 GB memory and 128 GB storage (102 GB available) comes packed with AI technology and 8 hours of battery life.

  • Tamir Berliner, the CEO of Sightful, said, “We introduced Spacetop to free people from the constraints of time and space, as we don’t believe people should be stuck in 14” screens.”

  • [Contd.] “We firmly believe in the power of AR glasses as the first step. Physical reality has always been the limiting factor – bulky, uncomfortable headsets, limited battery and processing power, and a world that is not yet built for daily AR.”

  • As per the company’s website, the Spacetop G1 will begin shipping in October 2024 within the US only and is priced at $1,900.

  • It also comes with an option to reserve for a fully refundable $100 to gain a limited time discount of $200, taking the price of the device to $1,700. Reservations can be cancelled any time before the product is shipped.

  • Ahead of this, users of businesses looking to reserve in large quantities, can do so by visiting the company’s enterprise page.

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What Did Sightful Say?

  • In a blog post titled “Has spatial computing failed?”, which was published on its website and updated after the launch of the Spacetop G1, Sightful’s CEO Tamir Berliner began his answer saying, “My answer dramatically changed in the past few days.”

  • “For the first time ever there’s a reason to use spatial computing that springs from an everyday need. That answer is productivity, and the product is Spacetop G1.”

  • “I’m extremely proud to present the fruition of years of work, global collaboration during pandemic, war, infinite flights, multi-cultures. The language Spacetop speaks is global and knows no bounds.”

  • “Spatial computers are going to change everything from the ground up. Suddenly my calendar is always there, always at the same place, ready for me to jump into the action no matter what I’m working on, or have been working on. It’s positioned in my space, no searching needed, as if it’s been hung on my wall.”

  • “This is just one moment of many, for me, realizing that spatial computers are already here, and they can be for you, too.”

Do you think this AR laptop (Spacetop) will challenge the AR/VR industry? Do you think competitors like Apple, Meta and others need to innovate light-weight glasses to challenge this device?

Let us know in the comments below!

First published on Mon, Jun 3, 2024

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