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Sasken And JOYNEXT Announce A Strategic Partnership To Boost Innovation Globally

By TD NewsDesk

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Updated on Mon, Apr 22, 2024

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One of the biggest avenues for software companies in the last few years has been the automotive industry, especially since the introduction and adoption of EVs (electric vehicles).

From entertainment systems to self-driving automobiles, software and technology have a major role to play in the sector. Other than this, various devices and platforms enhance the driving experience, such as navigation, security and others.

However, as computing capabilities evolve and connectivity technologies improve, automakers and software product providers must embrace new technologies and innovate to stay ahead of competition.

Keeping this in mind, Sasken Technologies Limited, a leading provider of product development and digital transformation services and JOYNEXT, a direct supplier (Tier1) for the automotive industry and the automotive connectivity arm of Joyson Electronics have come up with an announcement that’s set to propel their position in the automotive industry, by leveraging emerging technologies.

So, what did they say? Let’s explore!

What Did The Two Companies Announce?

  • In a news release published on its website, JOYNEXT announced it had struck up a strategic partnership with Sasken Technologies to develop and launch cutting-edge platforms for in-vehicle systems and off-vehicle cloud and digital services.

  • The move will leverage emerging technologies to foster innovation across navigation, digital cockpits and 5G telematics.

  • The aim of the move is to “push the boundaries of product innovation” and to ensure that products are delivered efficiently, at the right time, are equipped with the latest technology and address the latest requirements.

  • As per the release, the partnership will “enable faster time to market with the best IPs and provide unparalleled support throughout the product development process.”

  • The two companies will combine their expertise, global reach and powerful ecosystems to deliver innovative and integrated solutions in the automotive industry.

  • Furthermore, it will work to deliver enhanced customer experiences by leveraging technologies such as chip-to-cloud cognitive engineering, connected car solutions, optimized edge computing solutions, computer vision, GenAI (generative artificial intelligence) and cybersecurity.

  • Sasken will also look into solving EV challenges such as range anxiety, compatibility with navigation ecosystem players, optimize battery range and safety, incorporating real-time data on charging points, driving terrains and integration with ADAS systems.

  • The partnership will focus on compliant automotive software maintenance while ensuring new products will “keep pace with evolving Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) architectures.”

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What Did Stakeholders Say?

  • Mr. Abhijit Kabra, CEO, Sasken Technologies, said, “We are excited to collaborate with JOYNEXT, as their automotive industry expertise aligns perfectly with Sasken's ambition to maintain a leadership position in the global automotive market.”

  • [Contd.] “By leveraging our respective strengths, we can provide unique value to our customers and accelerate technological advancements in the automotive industry.”

  • Stavros Mitrakis, CEO of JOYNEXT, said, “We at JOYNEXT are excited to join forces with Sasken. By leveraging Sasken's strong hardware and software capabilities and our extensive automotive domain knowledge, we will be able to develop solutions that not only address today's challenges, but also anticipate the needs of the future.”

  • [Contd.] “We are confident that this partnership will enhance our product offering and enable us to deliver more innovative, safer, and more enjoyable driving experiences to our customers.”

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Do you think competitors of both companies should consider similar moves?

Let us know in the comments below!

First published on Mon, Apr 22, 2024

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