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OpenAI Makes Moves Including Multi-Year TIME Deal And More

By TD NewsDesk

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Updated on Mon, Jul 1, 2024

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As the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) continues to bloom and attract more technology companies, startups, investments and cross-industry partnerships, AI companies are on the lookout to enhance their products and offerings.

As a result, OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, arguably the most popular chatbot, has gone into hyperdrive to enhance its offerings.

This includes making a range of moves, including major multi-year partnerships, product improvements, acquisitions and others, with industry giants such as TIME, News Corp, Apple and more.

So, what moves has OpenAI made lately? Let’s explore!

What Did OpenAI And TIME Announce?

  • Through news releases published on their websites, OpenAI and TIME announced the two companies announced a multi-year content deal and strategic partnership which would bring TIME’s content to OpenAI.

  • This deal would include OpenAI gaining access to TIME’s current and previous content, tapping into its extensive archives from the last 101 years.

  • The content will be used to enhance OpenAI’s products and be used in user inquiry responses.

  • Inquiries will sport a citation and link to the original source on

  • Additionally, the partnership helps TIME achieve its commitment to expand global access to accurate and trusted information.

  • On the other hand, TIME will get to use OpenAI technology to develop new products, provide vital feedback to OpenAI and help refine and enhance how journalism and news experiences are delivered on ChatGPT and other OpenAI products.


What Did OpenAI And TIME Executives Say?

  • Mark Howard, COO, TIME, said, “Throughout our 101-year history, TIME has embraced innovation to ensure that the delivery of our trusted journalism evolves alongside technology.”

  • [Contd.] “This partnership with OpenAI advances our mission to expand access to trusted information globally as we continue to embrace innovative new ways of bringing TIME’s journalism to audiences globally.”

  • Brad Lightcap, COO, OpenAI, said, “We’re partnering with TIME to make it easier for people to access news content through our AI tools, and to support reputable journalism by providing proper attribution to original sources.”

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What Does OpenAI’s CriticGPT About?

  • OpenAI will facilitate the discovery of errors in outputs from its GPT-4 generative AI model by using its GPT-4 model itself.

  • “CriticGPT, a model based on GPT-4, writes critiques of ChatGPT responses to help human trainers spot mistakes during RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback),” is how OpenAI described its latest move, announced through a news release published on its website.

  • Essentially, OpenAI has trained a new model called CriticGPT, which is based on its GPT-4 model, to find and highlight errors in ChatGPT’s code output.

  • As per OpenAI, people using CriticGPT to review code outperform users not using the tool 60% of the time, as they allow trainers to write more comprehensive critiques with fewer hallucinations.

  • The tool is designed to be helpful and interactive through RLHF, which includes collecting and rating different responses against each other.

  • As model behavior and reasoning improves, it becomes harder for AI trainers to spot inconsistencies, hampering RLHF processes and eventually creating barriers in future advancement efforts. This is where CriticGPT helps spot mistakes in ChatGPT answers.

  • Through the release, OpenAI said, “We are beginning the work to integrate CriticGPT-like models into our RLHF labeling pipeline, providing our trainers with explicit AI assistance. This is a step towards being able to evaluate outputs from advanced AI systems that can be difficult for people to rate without better tools.”

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What Other Moves Has OpenAI Made?

  • Recently, we reported on OpenAI signing a multi-year global partnership with News Corp. This deal, similar to the one with TIME, would also allow OpenAI to bring News Corp’s content into its responses, while leveraging feedback to enhance its products and services.

  • Prior to this, OpenAI partnered with Reddit to bring its content to ChatGPT, which followed news of a $60 million deal with a then unnamed company prior to Reddit’s highly anticipated, mixed reaction IPO launch.

  • The OpenAI-Reddit partnership was described as mutually beneficial, as OpenAI could bring Reddit’s content to ChatGPT and other products, while Reddit would bring new AI-powered features to redditors and moderators. OpenAI would even become a Reddit advertising partner.

  • Ahead of this, OpenAI also partnered with tech conglomerate Apple to bring ChatGPT capabilities to Apple products, OS and services, including its Siri app and more.

  • In a swift and sweeping move, OpenAI acquired two technology companies, Rockset And Multi, enabling the infusion of powerful real-time analytics database capabilities and infrastructure enhancements to its operations, products and services.

Do you think these moves by OpenAI will help it gain more users and a better market share? Do you think its competitors should make similar moves?

Let us know in the comments below!

First published on Mon, Jul 1, 2024

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