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Nvidia Brings Generative AI To The World Of Robotics!

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Updated on Fri, Oct 20, 2023

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Hey, tech enthusiasts, you probably won't be surprised to learn that generative AI has been a major talking point in business circles recently.

Now, it is not taking over the field of robotics. Yet, there is much debate about how best to take advantage of these new technologies. When asked about generative AI, Deepu Talla, VP and GM of Nvidia's Embedded & Edge Computing, responded, “I think it speaks in the results. You can already see the productivity improvement,” he said.

“It can compose an email for me. It’s not exactly right, but I don’t have to start from zero. It’s giving me 70%. There are obvious things you can already see that are definitely a step function better than how things were before. Summarizing something’s not perfect. I’m not going to let it read and summarize for me. So, you can already see some signs of productivity improvements.”

It turned out that Nvidia's announcement on the subject was only a few weeks away from the general availability of Nvidia Isaac ROS 2.0 and the Nvidia Isaac Sim 2023 platforms, the company shared the news at the ROSCon event.

Nvidia’s support for generative AI bodes well for the field's adoption in robotics. As Nvidia points out, the Nvidia AI and Jetson platforms have been interacted with by over 1.2 million developers. Among them are such household names as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco and John Deere, making the case for generative AI’s adoption in robotics.

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How Is Nvidia Integrating AI In Robotics?

The Jetson Generative AI Lab is an intriguing addition as it provides developers with free and open access to sophisticated natural language processing tools. The NVIDIA Jetson Generative AI Lab, the company writes, gives programmers access to optimised tools and tutorials for deploying open-source LLMs, diffusion models to generate stunning images interactively, vision language models (VLMs) and vision transformers (ViTs) that combine vision AI and natural language processing to provide comprehensive understanding.

Robotic systems can benefit greatly from the introduction of such AI models when faced with untrained situations (simulation alone can only take you so far!). Even if factories and warehouses have a more structured layout than, say, a motorway, there are still a lot of moving parts to consider. The goal is to provide a more intuitive way to interact with these technologies through the use of natural language and to make adjustments on the fly.

“Generative AI will significantly accelerate deployments of AI at the edge with better generalization, ease of use and higher accuracy than previously possible,” Talla said. “This largest-ever software expansion of our Metropolis and Isaac frameworks on Jetson, combined with the power of transformer models and generative AI, addresses this need.”

Newer releases of the generative AI frameworks will additionally lead to enhanced perception and simulation capabilities for robots.

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As Nvidia infuses generative AI into its robotics platforms, will we witness a 'GenAI-Bot' revolution?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

First published on Fri, Oct 20, 2023

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