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Is LinkedIn's 1 Billion Club Your AI Career Oasis?

By TD NewsDesk

TD NewsDesk

Updated on Fri, Nov 3, 2023

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Guess who's hitting the billion-member mark?

LinkedIn is popping the confetti as it adds AI wizardry for job seekers.

Let's unlock this digital celebration and dive into the scoop!

LinkedIn, the business-focused social network owned by Microsoft, says it now has more than 1 billion members and is adding additional artificial intelligence tools for paying customers.

The social media network LinkedIn, where users have a resume-like profile detailing their education, work experience, and professional skills, has surpassed the one billion user milestone, placing it among the top social media networks among contemporaries such as Meta Platforms.

The majority of new members are not located in the United States, the company reports.

In addition to its free version, LinkedIn also provides paid subscriptions. New AI tools, available to members at the $39.99/month tier, will determine whether a user is a strong candidate based on their profile information, saving them time as they sift through potentially hundreds of job posts.

The system can also suggest alterations to the user's profile that will increase their employability.

Developed by LinkedIn's chief product officer Tomer Cohen, the app is meant to take users "from what used to be just seeing a job and feeling insecure to being able to make tremendous progress in just one session, all the way towards an interaction," as he put it in an interview.

Another new feature on LinkedIn condenses lengthy articles into a few bullet points that are specific to the individual. For instance, a salesperson will receive a different summary than a stockbroker.

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Which Cutting-Edge AI Features Does LinkedIn Now Offer?

  • Recruiter Messages Generated by AI

    Using artificial intelligence, LinkedIn Recruiter can now send customized InMails to job seekers based on information gleaned from their profiles. This advancement expedites the contact between recruiters and suitable prospects, making the outreach more customized. Therefore, it is expected that spammy, impersonal, and generic LinkedIn messages would decrease in frequency.

  • AI-Enhanced Job Descriptions

    LinkedIn has implemented AI to help in writing job postings. Recruiters are able to make a personalized job description based on the information you provide. This AI-powered solution provides a solid groundwork for HR professionals, freeing them up to concentrate on defining role criteria. Therefore, improved job descriptions should aid in connecting job seekers with positions that better suit their skills and interests.

  • AI-Powered Profile Building

    LinkedIn has deployed a new artificial intelligence feature that provides users with ideas for improving their writing. Taking into account the individuality of each user, this function detects relevant talents and experiences and suggests methods to convey them in the About and Headline sections. This makes creating profiles easier and more convenient for the user.

  • Collaborative Articles

    The 'Collaborative Articles' feature on LinkedIn is an example of how AI is being used to promote learning and communication in the workplace. These articles, the brainchild of AI and LinkedIn's editorial staff, compile knowledge from the LinkedIn community to provide a dynamic educational resource. The LinkedIn Skills Graph is used to pair these articles with relevant platform members, fostering rich discussions and mutually beneficial knowledge transfer.


In What Ways Might LinkedIn’s AI Features Help Businesses?

  • Recruiter 2024: It combines in-depth knowledge and database with the power of generative AI to rethink the recruitment process and speed up the process of finding qualified individuals.

  • LinkedIn Learning AI-powered Coaching Experience: It is a chatbot experience that provides real-time advise and specific content recommendations for each individual learner, making it easier for learning and development leaders to assist their staff in skill development.

  • Accelerate for Campaign Manager: In as little as five minutes, Accelerate will suggest an end-to-end campaign and automatic optimizations to reach the ideal B2B audience with compelling creatives, which marketers can then tweak and fine-tune before launching their campaign.

  • Sales Navigator: With its new AI capabilities, such as AI-assisted search and AccountIQ, lead prospecting and account research are more efficient, freeing up time for sellers to invest on their relationships with buyers.

As LinkedIn hits the 'Billionaire Club' and jazzes up with AI perks for job seekers, will it become the high-tech treasure map for career adventurers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

First published on Fri, Nov 3, 2023

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