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Google's Project IDX Looks To Shape The Future Of Coding With AI Magic!

By TD NewsDesk

TD NewsDesk

Updated on Wed, Aug 9, 2023

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It’s always exciting to hear about Google's new projects, right?

The latest is Project IDX - Google's novel approach to transform the software development landscape.

Google's Project IDX is a web-based sandbox powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This is the company's first attempt at providing a browser-based development environment supported by artificial intelligence. It currently works with languages such as JavaScript and Dart and frameworks including Angular, Flutter, Next.js, React, Svelte and Vue with support for additional languages like Python and Go is in the works.

If you're expecting a brand-new IDE (integrated development environment), Google didn't make one! Instead, IDX is based on the open-source version of Visual Studio, called Visual Studio Code. The team was then able to concentrate on integrating Codey, Google's PaLM 2 base model for software development. IDX's support for smart code completion is made possible by Codey, a chatbot similar to ChatGPT/Bard that can answer both broad coding questions and questions specific to the code you're currently working on, as well as provide contextual code actions like "add comments."

IDX team members say in today's announcement that "we spend a lot of time writing code," and that recent breakthroughs in AI have created "big opportunities" to make that time more productive and that "with Project IDX, we're exploring how Google's innovations in AI, such as the Codey and PaLM 2 models powering Studio Bot in Android Studio, Duet in Google Cloud, and more," the company explains.
Is IDX and AI the magic formula that will make programming a breeze?

Is Google's IDX Superior To Competitors?

Google's emphasis on full-stack development gives a slightly different spinthan offerings such as GitHub's Copilot or Amazon's CodeWhisperer (among other competitors). Both GitHub and Amazon provide cloud-based development environments in the form of Codespaces and AWS Cloud9.

However, Google also provides its Cloud Code IDE plugins, which could be utilized to port Codey to nearly all popular IDEs. It's unclear whether Project IDX will mature into a full-fledged IDE that developers would want to use for their projects – but it's a wonderful playground for Google to show off some of its AI capabilities for coders.

What Advantages Will It Have?

Project IDX, being a cloud-based IDE, will naturally work with Google's own Firebase Hosting (and Google Cloud Functions), while enabling programmers to import code from GitHub. Virtual machines (VMs) running Linux and, shortly, Android and iOS simulators embedded in the browser, will be made available in every IDX workspace.

The IDX chatbot performs as advertised, although it seems loosely connected to the original programming. For instance, it does not appear to be aware of which code you have selected in the editor and cannot directly alter the code (to be fair, this is also true for most of Google's competitors). However, Google stresses that they are "just at the beginning of this journey" and have plans to expand their skills in the future.
Will Google’s AI-driven Project IDX make coding simple and streamlined? How will industry competitors react to stay relevant in this space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

First published on Wed, Aug 9, 2023

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