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Canva Introduces Generative AI-Driven Video Features In Collaboration With Runway ML!

By TD NewsDesk

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Updated on Thu, Oct 5, 2023

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Canva is spicing up the design game with generative video from Runway in their AI-powered Magic Studio!

In celebration of its tenth year in business, Canva has released many new artificial intelligence tools, including a generative video tool developed in collaboration with AI video startup Runway ML.

Users can take advantage of the company's Magic Media function by simply entering text into a field or uploading a still image. Then, the Runway integrated features in Canva will make a short clip (up to 18 seconds!) using the user's input. When working with a still photograph, motion and camera movement will be applied to the image to create a video.

“We believe that AI has incredible potential to supercharge the 99% of office workers who don’t have design training or access to professional design tools,” said Cameron Adams, Canvas co-founder and Chief Product Officer, in an exclusive video call interview with VentureBeat ahead of the announcement.

In a post on X, Runway co-founder and CEO Cristóbal Valenzuela wrote: “Excited to partner with Canva. Great things are coming.”

In a blog post elaborating on the team-up, Valenzuela wrote: “Runway’s mission is to ensure that anyone anywhere can tell their stories, just as Canva aims to empower the world to design. We believe that deep learning techniques applied to audiovisual content will forever change art, creativity, and design tools. This partnership is an exciting step toward furthering that mission by putting Gen-2 into the hands of Canva users so they can add the power of video to their designs.”

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So, What Exactly Are Canva's Recent Updates?

Magic Studio is “the first all-in-one AI design platform in the market,” according to Cameron Adams,
consisting of nine major AI features, including:

Magic Switch transforms your presentation into an executive summary or your whiteboard of ideas into a blog article. Translations between multiple languages are also supported. “You can go from that document you just created to a video you might send to your marketing team,” Adams said.

Magic Design allows users to start with a written prompt or a still image and then choose from various color palettes to generate original artwork. “Any idea you put into that search box can generate a unique design,” Adams said. “You can tailor it with your brand and get it perfectly customized.”

Canva’s Text-to-Image with Multiple Styles function now includes a wider range of alternatives regarding main art styles when generating text images. It also boasts Magic Morph to give text and forms a gloss, a puff, or a 3D effect to make them stand out. “If you want a big shiny green foil balloon, you can type that in as your prompt, and it will automatically turn that shape into that exact style,” said Adams.

Magic Grab, just like Photoshop's "Object Selection tool," is the new object isolation feature based on an auto-object selector/extractor to help you focus on certain parts of an image. “If you have a photo with a person in it…maybe you need a bit more space to add text for social media posts you want to put out,” explained Adams by example. “Magic Grab enables this by understanding what’s in your photo, letting you grab the elements and move them across.”

Magic Expand, as its name implies, allows users to "outfill" photographs and images by stretching them beyond their original boundaries with the help of artificial intelligence.

Along with this, Canva is launching a $200 million “Creator Compensation Program” to pay authors “who consent to have their content used to train the company’s proprietary AI models.” Last year, Canva added 65 million new monthly active users and nearly doubled its paying subscriptions to 16 million.

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As Canva unveils generative video and the AI-powered Magic Studio, are they on the brink of hitting a design home run?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

First published on Thu, Oct 5, 2023

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