TechDogs-"Can Apple’s Security Policy Be Harmful When You Lose Your Phone?"


Can Apple’s Security Policy Be Harmful When You Lose Your Phone?

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Updated on Wed, Apr 19, 2023

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Imagine a day without your smartphone. You would have to read a newspaper or watch TV to find the latest news or ask strangers for directions! Jokes apart, have you ever lost your phone or had it stolen? It’s a terrible feeling, isn’t it? 

According to a news piece from 16th April, unfortunately for Reyhan Ayas, a senior economist at Revelio Labs, this feeling was amplified after a thief snatched her iPhone 13 Pro Max as she left a Manhattan bar. Not only was her phone gone but she was also locked out of her Apple account and $10,000 was taken from her bank account. 

Ayas tried to contact Apple to regain access to her account but according to her, the tech giant was “not helpful at all.” Frustrated with their lack of assistance, she contacted Goldman Sachs, which issued Apple’s credit cards and managed to get help.

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In a recent interview with Insider, Ayas expressed her disappointment in Apple’s security policies. She claimed that while Apple takes pride in being a closed-security environment, they rarely talk about what happens if someone gets into that closed-security environment. Ayas said Apple’s account recovery policies should be more robust to prevent bad actors from accessing users’ accounts.

Sadly, Ayas is not alone in her experience. Similar crimes have been reported in other cities such as Austin, Texas; Denver, Boston and London. Apple representative told The Wall Street Journal that these crimes are rare because the thief would need both the device and the passcode. However, in Ayas’ case the thief may have seen her enter her passcode before stealing it.

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Nevertheless, the ‘Lost Mode’ of Apple devices lets you lock your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple Watch so that others cannot access your data. Users can turn on Lost Mode in Find Devices on

As of now, Apple has not responded to Insider’s request for comment on this issue. One can only hope that they take Ayas’ experience as a wake-up call and strengthen their security policies to prevent this from happening to other users in the future.

Do you use Apple products? What do you think of Apple’s security policies? Pitch your thoughts in the comment section below.

First published on Wed, Apr 19, 2023

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