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Can AMD’s New AI Software Startup Acquisition Help It Compete With Nvidia?

By TD NewsDesk

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Updated on Thu, Oct 12, 2023

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AI AI, Captain!

Yes, we know that the phrase is spelled “Aye aye” but we changed it to ensure it fits the theme of today’s news article. Also, we knew you’d get it because you’re intelligent!

You know what else is smart?

AI (Artificial Intelligence), or more particularly Generative AI!

Employees want to upskill, managers want quicker turnarounds and businesses are perpetually in a race to adopt the latest technology. Amidst all this, the enablers, that is companies making AI possible, are in a race themselves, to develop better hardware and software to ensure successful development and deployment of artificial intelligence.

Keeping this in mind, Advanced Micro Devices, better known as AMD, are making strategic moves.

What that latest move by AMD? Let’s explore:

What Is AMD’s Latest Move?

  • On October 10, AMD made an announcement saying it signed a definitive agreement to acquire, an open-source artificial intelligence software startup.

  • According to the startup’s website, ”Nod.AI is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems company that provides key enabling open-source technologies for future A.I systems using advanced compiler based approaches.”

  • The move comes in a bid to improve AMD’s AI software capabilities and help it compete against Nvidia in the market. Nvidia witnessed a 100% year-over-year revenue jump in the quarter ending July 30, 2023, as per reports.

  • While there was no disclosure of the terms of the deal, reports mention that has raised around $36.5 million.

  • AMD even created a special AI group, which will serve as the base for the acquisition, which will come with 1,500 engineers and plans to hire 300 more this year as well as next year.

TechDogs-"A Screenshot Of The Website Announcing AMD's Acquisition"  

What Other Measures Is AMD’s Taking In A Bid To Win The AI Race?

  • AMD has clear-cut plans to invest big in critical software used for its advanced AI chips, even considering building a collection of such software. 

  • In fact, this is the second acquisition AMD has announced in the past few months, the other being the August 24 announcement stating the company acquired Mipsology, a France-based leader in AI software and long-standing partner of AMD.

  • It’s believed that AMD is on the lookout for further acquisitions.


What Did Stakeholders Have To Say?

  • Vamsi Boppana, SVP of Artificial Intelligence Group at AMD, said, “The acquisition of is expected to significantly enhance our ability to provide AI customers with open software that allows them to easily deploy highly performant AI models tuned for AMD hardware.”

TechDogs-"An Image Of Vamsi Boppana, SVP Of Artificial Intelligence Group At AMD"  
  • [Contd.] “The addition of the talented team accelerates our ability to advance open-source compiler technology and enable portable, high-performance AI solutions across the AMD product portfolio.’s technologies are already widely deployed in the cloud, at the edge and across a broad range of end point devices today.”

  • Another spokesperson for AMD said, “’s team of industry experts is known for their substantial contributions to open-source AI software and deep expertise in AI model optimizations.” The spokesperson added that the deal “augments AMD’s AI software capabilities.”

TechDogs-"An Image Of Anush Elangovan, The Co-founder And CEO Of"  
  • Anush Elangovan, the co-founder and CEO of, said, “At, we are a team of engineers focused on problem solving — quickly – and moving at pace in an industry of constant change to develop solutions for the next set of problems.”

  • [Contd.] “Our journey as a company has cemented our role as the primary maintainer and major contributor to some of the world's most important AI repositories, including SHARK, Torch-MLIR and OpenXLA/IREE code generation technology. By joining forces with AMD, we will bring this expertise to a broader range of customers on a global scale.”

Do you think AMD’s new AI acquisition will bring it up to speed with Nvidia? Will the acquisition help AMD compete in the emerging artificial intelligence market?

Let us know in the comments below!

First published on Thu, Oct 12, 2023

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