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Apple Is Leveraging Its New Chatbot For Internal Work. Will It Be A Game-Changer?

By TD NewsDesk

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Updated on Mon, Jul 24, 2023

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Remember a few days back, when Apple took the world by surprise by launching its own chatbot? Now, brace yourself as we've got another delicious slice from the world of Apple!

According to a recent report, the tech giant, Apple, is diving deep into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) with its very own chatbot (allegedly named Apple GPT). In fact, Apple has already started using the chatbot internally to help its employees with a wide range of tasks. From prototyping future features to summarizing text and answering questions based on the data it's been trained with; this AI wonder could be a handy helper for Apple employees to peel away the hassles of manual work.
Wait, there's more! 

Apple isn't stopping there. It has got big plans to expand the use of powerful generative AI applications within its organization.

For instance, imagine having an AI-powered genius by your side, guiding you through any problem you encounter across Apple devices! Sounds app-solutely amazing, right?

A new report says Apple plans to equip its AppleCare support staff with this tool to offer even better assistance to customers facing issues.

Let's see how some other brands are leveraging the power of berry-a-peeling generative AI (gen AI).
  • To begin with, Microsoft's Azure platform is adopting Meta's (language learning model) LLM (Large Language Model Meta AI) LLaMA 2. 
  • Besides, Samsung is on its quest to incorporate AI into its devices too. It's a race to the future and Samsung doesn't want to be left behind!
  • Moreover, the adoption of generative AI among individuals is skyrocketing. A report suggests that a whopping 100 million people are already using this technology. Especially when it comes to employees, they'll gladly embrace any tool that makes them more successful.

Now, of course, it's not all smooth sailing for Apple. Let's look at what could be the possible challenges Apple might face.
  • The challenges of AI are well-known; for instance, the chatbot's occasional mistakes are no secret. 
  • Moreover, CEO Tim Cook has openly acknowledged that when it comes to AI there are "a number of issues that need to be sorted.” So, Apple will proceed with its AI plans deliberately and thoughtfully, unlike other companies that rush products to market.
Nevertheless, regarding the challenges, Apple has been cautious and strategic in its approach. They haven't jumped on the hype train yet, even though they've continuously added machine learning features to their devices. Their decision to hire former Google AI head John Giannandrea in 2018 to lead their machine learning efforts shows they're serious about the potential of generative AI.

When can we expect more details on Apple's grand AI adventure? Well, sources are peachy keen about significant AI-related announcements this year.

Do you think Apple has a winner on its hands with Apple GPT? Let us know in the comments section below!

First published on Mon, Jul 24, 2023

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