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Amazon's Custom Chips Aim To Shake Up The AI Game!

By TD NewsDesk

TD NewsDesk

Updated on Tue, Aug 15, 2023

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"I'm not a snack but I'm quite the crunch. I'm silicon-made and power-packed, what am I?"

“You are a microchip!” 

That's a cool riddle but why all this buzz around a chip? 

Well, it's because of the latest news: brace yourself as the brilliant minds at Amazon are crafting a duo of custom chips, Inferentia and Trainium, poised to reshape the AI landscape!  

According to a recent report, these chips are no ordinary slivers of silicon; they offer an alternative to the increasingly elusive Nvidia GPUs.  

In an interview with CNBC in June, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, Adam Selipsky, shed light on this audacious venture. "The entire world would like more chips for doing generative AI, whether that's GPUs or whether that's Amazon's own chips that we're designing," Selipsky remarked.

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You might be wondering what sets Amazon's chips apart. 

  • The answer lies in the technical marvels these chips embody. According to industry expert Chirag Dekate, a VP analyst at Gartner, Amazon's unique technical capabilities are a game-changer. "Microsoft does not have Trainium or Inferentia," he declares, as over 20 million Nitro chips powering AWS servers globally shows Amazon's undeniable prowess in the field.   

  • Yet, perhaps the most formidable weapon in Amazon's collection is its towering dominance in the cloud realm. The cloud giant needs no flashy headlines; it thrives on its colossal base of loyal customers who rely on its infrastructure daily. "Amazon does not need to win headlines," asserts Dekate. It simply needs to empower its existing patrons to unleash the potential of generative AI, leveraging the familiar AWS ecosystem. 

However, while Amazon's ambitions are undeniable, the race to dominate the AI domain has seen others sprint ahead. How, may you ask? 

  • With its staggering $13 billion investment as part of a strategic alliance with OpenAI, Microsoft took the world by storm with the inception of ChatGPT. The meteoric rise of this viral chatbot, coupled with Microsoft's adept integration of generative AI into its arsenal, has sent shockwaves through the industry.   

  • Next comes Google, a formidable contender that unleashed Bard, its own large language model, onto the scene. Google backed its aspirations with a hefty $300 million investment in Anthropic, a worthy rival to OpenAI.  

The AI battleground is wide open as contenders are backed with deep pockets. As the AI saga unfolds, the world watches with bated breath, wondering which player will emerge as the ultimate champion of this brave new world. 

Do you think Amazon will be able to catch Microsoft and Google in this grand generative AI race? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!  

First published on Tue, Aug 15, 2023

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