TechDogs-"Adobe Announces The Spectrum 2 Upgrade, Offering A Spectrum Of Creative Innovations!"

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Adobe Announces The Spectrum 2 Upgrade, Offering A Spectrum Of Creative Innovations!

By TD NewsDesk

TD NewsDesk

Updated on Thu, Dec 14, 2023

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Do you remember Spectrum, Adobe's basis for its design system for a solid decade? Well, the same Spectrum has just got a groovy update dubbed Spectrum 2. Reportedly, it is a gateway to a more intuitive, inclusive and downright joyful experience across all your devices.

According to the company, Spectrum upgraded to Spectrum 2 to “make Adobe tools even more intuitive, inclusive and joyful to use across platforms, while supporting our mission of enabling Creativity for All.”  It's not just a facelift; it's a carnival for your visual senses!

TechDogs-"A Screengrab Of Adobe's Spectrum Design System."
So, what’s the deal with Spectrum 2, you ask?
  • Well, it’s stepping away from the old Spectrum. Eric Snowden, Adobe’s VP of Design, spilled the beans about this upgrade saying they’re adjusting the contrast and brightness, adding a bunch of snazzy colors and making sure the eyeballs go straight to the cool stuff first. 

  • As per Snowden, “At the highest level, there are a few changes that are all happening at the same time.” He further continued, “One is, you know, Adobe is addressing very new audiences than we did 10 years ago when Spectrum 1 was created. Spectrum 1 is from 2013[…]. Adobe is addressing a much, much broader audience than we were back then. We’re building accessibility and inclusivity into the products from day one — and when I say accessible, I both mean true accessibility — color blindness, WCAG standards, all that built into the platform — but also approachability, making sure new people can come in and be successful.”

  • Besides, Adobe highlights a report by the World Health Organization, according to which around 2.2 million people experience visual impairments. Adobe aims to make Spectrum 2 friendly for all such people.

Now the question arises, why has Adobe pushed this upgrade?
  • Well, Adobe’s still about helping you showcase your creative genius but now they’re tossing in a dash of approachability and fun.

  • Snowden assured users that while they’re jazzing things up, they won’t trip up the seasoned pros. In fact, they’re making the onboarding experience smoother for newbies, while retaining the functionality for loyal users of the Adobe suite.

So, when do users get to play with this upgrade?
  • Hold onto your styluses, folks! Adobe’s rolling out Spectrum 2 first on web and iOS apps in early 2024. Fret not, Photoshop lovers and Premiere Pro maestros, they’re coming for your desktop tools next. 

  • Making the change on over 100 apps is no easy feat! Remember how Google took its sweet time with Material Design? However, Adobe’s got its plan in place and are set to jazz up a bunch of their apps in 2024.

So, channel your creative spirit as Spectrum 2 is about to make Adobe’s world a bit brighter, a tad funkier and a whole lot more innovative.

Do you think Spectrum 2 will help Adobe further stand out in the design software field?
Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

First published on Thu, Dec 14, 2023

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