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Utilimarc Paves Way For Fleet Sustainability With Comprehensive GHG Analytics Solution

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MINNEAPOLIS, April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to an overwhelming need for accurate GHG emissions monitoring across the commercial fleet sector, Utilimarc has enhanced its Fleet Business Intelligence platform with comprehensive real-time and annual GHG Analytics. The emissions tracking tool gives fleets an understanding of where they stand and how they can enact change with an easily implemented solution.

No matter the metric, fleets can now actively track and monitor progress to goal with Utilimarc's GHG reporting.

The platform's new features are testament to the power of data consolidation. The Progress to Goals feature takes into account that not all fleets have the same objectives when it comes to sustainability.

Whether goals are focused on emissions reduction, fuel savings, electrification, or something else, fleets can effectively track progress toward personal goals. To aid with idle mitigation, the tool helps distinguish unproductive from productive idling times, giving fleet managers a clear target for idle and emissions reduction.

Electrification is one of the most common initiatives for improving fleet sustainability today. For those looking to electrify, EV Candidacy assesses the needs and behaviors within your fleet and identifies ideal candidates for immediate electrification. Once fleets have begun implementing EVs, the Estimated Fuel Savings from EV dashboard gives managers a breakdown of how many gallons of gas have been saved thus far.

The diversity of sustainability metrics and dashboards available ensures that the needs of all types of fleets are met. While lighter duty fleets may have an easier time utilizing electrification as a main solution, heavier duty fleets will need to rely on alternative fuels, idle mitigation, route optimization and improved utilization. In either case, accurate, real-time analytics are necessary to understanding the impact of the strategic initiatives being invested into.

Utilimarc's new GHG Analytics Dashboard, as seen in image below, is not exclusive to neither electric nor gas-fueled fleets, but rather works to meet each fleet where they are. Currently, the company is working with 80% of all utility fleets across the country on reducing emissions using insights from its Business Intelligence platform, as well as over 100 city and county fleets.

For more information on Utilimarc's GHG Reporting capabilities, visit the website here.

About Utilimarc

Utilimarc is leading the industry in business intelligence solutions for enterprise fleets. We work closely with our customers to ensure their data is actionable and reliable to inform sustainable change within their organization. Twenty years of industry experience working with diverse data silos from the nation's largest utility fleets has driven us to develop our BI platform that connects and unifies fleet data sources into a single environment - expressed through our Fleet Analytics, Benchmarking and Fleet Lifecycle applications.

An important layer to Utilimarc's BI platform - and its success - is our people. Our team of data scientists and fleet analysts work closely with our customers building custom scheduled reports and dashboards specific to their needs. The results of unifying data sources empower our customers to have a true understanding of the daily performance and utilization of their fleet assets.

Utilimarc is headquartered in Minneapolis with remote teams around the world, currently working alongside North America's highest performing fleet organizations. For more information visit


Dennis Jaconi

Vice President, Marketing and Sales


1 310-629-6536

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First published on Mon, Apr 17, 2023

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