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Tsingke Showcases Cutting-Edge Biologics Solutions At Biologics 2024

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BEIJING and PARIS, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 15th, Biologics 2024 successfully concluded in London, with 650 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic representatives and over 50 exhibitors engaging in high-level discussions on the latest innovations in biologics discovery and development.

Tsingke, as a pioneer in DNA/RNA synthesis technology, was honored to share its cutting-edge innovative products, services, and latest advancements with the attendees.

During in-depth discussions with numerous professionals and exhibitors, they were impressed by the leading positions of Tsingke in the fields of oligo synthesis and gene synthesis services, and most of them expressed a strong interest in collaboration.

Product Highlights

Oligo Synthesis: Tsingke offers a comprehensive range of oligonucleotide products, including Custom DNA/RNA oligos, qPCR probes, and NGS oligos. With ISO 13485 certification and a commitment to customer trust, Tsingke serves over 500 IVD companies with high-quality nucleic acid synthesis.

Tsynth™ Gene Synthesis: Tsingke's flagship product, Tsynth™ Gene Synthesis, stands at the forefront of gene synthesis technology. Researchers benefit from high accuracy and rapid turnaround time, ensuring stable and efficient gene synthesis.

Protein Expression: Providing a one-stop service from gene synthesis to protein expression, Tsingke's five primary systems offer researchers a range of options for specific needs. Also, our high-throughput expression platform delivers high-purity products with fast turnaround times, accelerating research projects worldwide.

Antibody Service: Tsingke provides a one-stop service platform from gene to antibody expression to meet extensive needs for specific applications. With a focus on traceability and high-expression titers, Tsingke ensures the highest quality and compliance standards.

About Tsingke

Beijing Tsingke Biotech Co., Ltd. is the pioneering DNA/RNA synthesis company, distinguished by its innovative R&D capabilities and a commitment to continuous improvement in synthetic instruments, raw materials, and automated production systems. With a mission to advance "Biotech for a better world," Tsingke is dedicated to innovation and quality, serving researchers and enterprises globally.

For more information about Tsingke and its revolutionary biologics solutions, please visit

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SOURCE Beijing Tsingke Biotech Co., Ltd.

First published on Wed, Apr 10, 2024

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