TechDogs-"SurvivorNet Announces SurvivorNetTV's New Partnership With Independa Ramping Distribution Across Millions of LG Smart TVs"

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SurvivorNet Announces SurvivorNetTV's New Partnership With Independa Ramping Distribution Across Millions of LG Smart TVs

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TechDogs-"SurvivorNet Announces SurvivorNetTV's New Partnership With Independa Ramping Distribution Across Millions of LG Smart TVs"
NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SurvivorNet, the leading patient-facing destination for information about cancer, is announcing a comprehensive new destination on psoriasis as the company expands its content initiatives outside cancer and into key chronic diseases where useful and inspiring patient-facing resources are lacking.

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. Psoriasis is a persistent autoimmune skin condition that affects more than seven million Americans. It's thought to be genetic, but is aggravated by outside factors such as stress and various lifestyle factors. In addition to creating discomfort, psoriasis can be hard on a person's self-esteem. It can also be managed effectively with the right initiative and patient education. That's where SurvivorNet's unique combination of useful, video-driven information from top doctors plus patient inspiration will make a huge difference to psoriasis sufferers.

SurvivorNet's new special resource section on psoriasis offers first in class guidance from top doctors in the field, in short, useful videos. This comprehensive information resource is unique in that it's focused on helping patients who are scared, discomfited and seeking the latest guidance on this difficult condition, a condition which is highly treatable with determination and the right information. As is the case with all of SurvivorNet's medical content, all medical information has been medically reviewed by experienced physicians.

SurvivorNet TV has also launched a block of video programming around personal resilience and inspiration. This programming showcases the kind of optimism, determination and strength that people living with psoriasis draw on to live their best lives.

"Millions of Americans with psoriasis are struggling with its health consequences as well as with the psychological burden and sometimes the shame that can come with this disease," said SurvivorNet CEO Steve Alperin. "SurvivorNet is now offering a first in class resource that offers excellent, vetted video information as well as needed inspiration and encouragement."

The special psoriasis section also showcases inspiring patient stories about people living with psoriasis who've overcome its effects with spirit and courage as well as with the best available medical treatment. This makes SurvivorNet the best destination where psoriasis sufferers can find true motivation from patients who've made the best of their condition and are living, free of shame or stigma.

About SurvivorNet

SurvivorNet is the country's leading platform for cancer information, serving 2.5 million people per month who are looking for help making better decisions about their care. The platform was built in collaboration with leading comprehensive cancer centers and features top physicians delivering highly detailed information about specific cancers. SurvivorNet also has produced thousands of stories intended to provide hope and inspiration for patients.

Steve Alperin is the founder and CEO of SurvivorNet.


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First published on Fri, Jan 6, 2023

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