TechDogs-"Start-Up PH7, Ltd. Announces ZapVoice, A New AI-Powered Feature On Zapshot That Mimic Users' Voices."

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"Start-Up PH7, Ltd. Announces ZapVoice, A New AI-Powered Feature On Zapshot That Mimic Users' Voices."

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Start-Up PH7, Ltd. Brings "Chat Beyond Text, Less Than a Call" to Life With AI-Powered 'ZapVoice' Feature in Zapshot App

LOS ANGELES, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- PH7, Ltd., an innovative tech startup, has released a new feature called "ZapVoice" on its chat app "Zapshot" to redefine communication for Gen Z. ZapVoice uses artificial intelligence to mimic users' voices, creating a more intimate and captivating digital communication experience. Initially targeting UCLA students, PH7, Ltd. hopes to expand its reach to Gen Zs across the United States.

Detailed Information About the Newly Released ZapVoice :

Upholding the concept of "Chat Beyond Text, Less Than a Call", Zapshot primarily uses voice input instead of a keyboard for text messages, delivering the notification in the user's actual voice. It was launched at the end of last year and has been gaining users, mainly among UCLA students.

ZapVoice, equipped with cutting-edge AI technology, is our latest feature in Zapshot.

It trains the users' inputted voice in the app to create an "AI-twin" version of their voice. This new feature allows typed out messages to be delivered as a voice notification that mimics the user, especially useful in situations where voice input is difficult (ex. libraries, offices, public transportation, etc.)

PH7, Ltd.  Vice President, Justin Liao's Comment :

Today, endless technological devices are available to Gen Z and Gen Alpha, making them accustomed to controlling devices with the convenience of their voice. We released the Zapshot app near the end of 2022 as a new communication tool to cater to the fast-paced lifestyle of the latest tech-savvy generations. Zapshot takes out the process of needing to type out messages on the keyboard, and instead, allows users to use their voice easily to send messages. This allows users to convey nuances and emotions that may not come across in typed out messages, creating more opportunities for closer and easier communication between friends.

The introduction of ZapVoice adds to the variety of creative features on Zapshot, where users can simply input text and deliver it as a "voice-clone" notification to the recipient. ZapVoice empowers users to do efficient voice-based communication anytime, anywhere, at no cost. Users on Zapshot now have a variety of options to choose from in terms of communication methods and can express themselves naturally with friends without being limited by situational environments. 

We are aware that there are risks of AI-generated voice clones being misused for criminal purposes. However, we believe it is important not only to focus on those risks but also to incorporate the convenience of this technology safely in a well-balanced manner.

At Zapshot, we are committed to increasing the variety of ways people can communicate with each other. We aim to redefine communication between friends into a more authentic, easy, and uniquely captivating experience by bringing in the latest technological advances into the Zapshot app.

About Zapshot:

Zapshot is currently available on iOS with a mission to change the way younger generations like Gen Z, communicate. It breaks the limitations of traditional text chat by introducing a more engaging, personalized method of communication. Zapshot allows users to convey not just words, but also emotions and nuances into conversations. Starting with the vibrant community at UCLA, our goal at PH7, Ltd. is to make online communication more intimate, engaging, and expressive for the new generations.

Company Information:

PH7, Ltd. is a start-up devoted to reshaping how Generation Z communicates. By incorporating innovative features like ZapVoice in its chat application 'Zapshot', PH7, Ltd. is pioneering a new era of communication tools that resonate with the evolving needs of today's digital natives.

Media Contact:

Atsuko Tanabe

SOURCE PH7, ltd.

First published on Thu, Jul 20, 2023

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