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SOCOTEC Teams Up With Bisnow To Confront Carbon Emissions In The Built Environment And Explore A Safer And Sustainable Future

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NEW YORK, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- SOCOTEC USA, a leading provider of TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification), consulting, and advisory services with a strategic focus on buildings and infrastructure, announces its collaboration with Bisnow to educate audiences on reduction of carbon emissions within the built environment.

Nearly 42% of all carbon released into the air stems from global building emissions. As the industry increasingly recognizes the significance of embodied carbon, SOCOTEC stands at the forefront, guiding owners, and project teams towards sustainable practices. Andrew Graceffa, Principal and Energy Services Director at SOCOTEC, stresses the urgency, stating, "[t]o alleviate the climate crisis, it is increasingly important for the architectural and engineering industry to address embodied carbon. In short, they are emitted on Day 1. You only get one shot to address reductions."

Jesse Rittenhouse, Director of Strategy at SOCOTEC, emphasized the importance of preparedness for sustainability regulation changes, stating, "We understand that we have a clock on this issue, so having these conversations about reducing carbon and acting expeditiously and effectively is critical. Thankfully, with our repertoire of lessons learned on past projects coupled with the niche skill set of our team of experts, we are able to provide sound advice to owners, developers and project teams to provide just this."

To effectively tackle embodied carbon emissions, SOCOTEC conducts comprehensive whole-building life cycle assessment.

Though assessing environmental impact poses its challenges due to the lack of universally accepted ESG performance measures, Rittenhouse emphasizes that the regulatory landscape is evolving to prioritize carbon emission reductions: Initiatives such as the Securities and Exchange Commission's disclosure requirements and ASHRAE's forthcoming standards guide operational and embodied carbon emissions assessments for proposed and existing projects.

In addition, cities like New York City and Boston are setting the standard with regulations such as Local Law 97 and the Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance, which enforce carbon benchmarking and emissions reduction goals. SOCOTEC is dedicated to aiding clients in adapting to and meeting evolving sustainability criteria.

SOCOTEC's team of environmental experts possesses the expertise to analyze complex data and drive sustainable solutions. With a diverse portfolio encompassing various asset types globally, SOCOTEC is actively involved in projects aimed at improving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

"We have a number of projects across the country, especially in the New York City and Miami areas, that are being worked on in various consultation phases, whether it be existing building assessments or improvement plans," Graceffa said. "We assist clients throughout the entire process, from concept to completion and into post-occupancy."

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The full article was produced in collaboration between SOCOTEC, Bisnow, and Studio B staff. Studio B is Bisnow's in-house content and design studio. To learn more about how Studio B can help your team, reach out to Contact Studio B Writer Emily DeNardo at


The SOCOTEC Group, headed by Hervé Montjotin, has built its reputation as an independent, trusted partner assisting companies in the areas of quality, sustainability and safety, and the environment.

Today a leading $1.3 billion EUR company that more than doubled in size in 6 years, SOCOTEC's mission is to ensure the integrity and performance of building and infrastructure assets and people's safety. Through its inspection and measurement, assistance and consultancy, training, and certification services, SOCOTEC helps to optimize the performance of companies in every sector by managing the risks inherent in their activities. Drawing on its expertise and positioning itself as a long-term partner, SOCOTEC supports its clients throughout their project's lifecycle.

As a major player in TIC for the building and infrastructure sectors, the SOCOTEC Group has 200,000 clients with operations in 26 countries, 11,500 employees and over 250 external recognitions.

SOCOTEC, an industry leader in the building and infrastructure sectors, offers the combined highly technical expertise of an expansive and holistic network of experts across six service lines: (i) Building Envelope; (ii) Energy & Sustainability; (iii) Code & Planning; (iv) Life Safety; (v) Project Advisory; (vi) Dispute Resolution; and (vii) Specialty Engineering. In the USA, SOCOTEC employs approximately 550 professionals in more than 25 offices.

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First published on Wed, Mar 27, 2024

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