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Safety Meets Performance: xTool Launches World's First 40W Enclosed Class 1 Diode Laser Machine

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IRWINDALE, Calif., Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- xTool, a frontrunner in the laser engraving field, is set to unveil a trailblazing 40W enclosed class 1 diode laser machine, the xTool S1, on October 18th at 6:00 PM (PDT), responding to the industry's shift towards high-powered units and heightened safety standards. This cost-efficient model bridges the gap between the adaptability of open-frame lasers and the security integral to enclosed variants.

xTool S1 establishes new safety benchmarks with its enclosed, fire-resistant structure, preventing laser leakage. Its high-transparency cover offers dual-wavelength filtering for diode and 1064nm Infrared lasers, eliminating the need for protective glasses. The machine also features a robust smoke extraction system and a powerful exhaust fan to remove toxic fumes quickly. Emphasizing safety, the S1 boasts a four-tier protection system, including an advanced 5-way flame sensor, operational halt on cover opening, tilt and collision detection, and an emergency stop button, ensuring user safety and operational excellence.

xTool S1 laser machine also features innovative Twin-point Positioning technology, a breakthrough offering precision akin to a coordinate system. This cutting-edge technology is integrated into the software, providing real-time display and enabling users to accurately determine the laser's position and set the material processing range. Additionally, the machine boasts Dynamic-focus Engraving, incorporating an Intelligent Focus System with real-time adjustments to the motorized Z-axis, ensuring impeccably detailed engravings.

With a powerful 40W capacity achieved by compressing eight 5.5W lasers, the xTool S1 offers cutting efficiency rivaling CO2 machines. The machine also has interchangeable laser modules and can process a vast range of materials at a swift 600mm/s, thanks to its enhanced guide rail stability. The machine also offers a cost-effective 20W version.

Creativity finds a new companion in the S1. Its Automatic Conveyor Feeder expands processing dimensions to 470*3000mm, and when paired with the RA2 Pro rotary attachment, it enables the crafting of intricate designs on objects like tumblers. The machine's riser base further accommodates taller objects. Designed for user convenience, the S1 offers exceptional auto-focus capabilities and comes pre-assembled, ensuring both hobbyists and professionals can commence projects promptly.

Now, xTool S1 is exclusively available on the official xTool website. With an array of gifts offered to new customers, xTool aims to allow more enthusiasts to experience the joy of creation.

Company: XTL US INC.

Address: 16035 ARROW HWY IRWINDALE, California 91706 United States of America

Pre-sales Phone: +1(970) 638-7030

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First published on Thu, Oct 19, 2023

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