TechDogs-"Revolutionary AI Technology, ProScan, Proves Faster And More Accurate In Diagnosing Small Bowel Bleeding, Transforming Gastrointestinal Medicine In New Publication"

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Revolutionary AI Technology, ProScan, Proves Faster And More Accurate In Diagnosing Small Bowel Bleeding, Transforming Gastrointestinal Medicine In New Publication

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PLANO, Texas, May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- AnX Robotica, the leader in advanced gastrointestinal visualization technologies, is happy to announce a recent publication validating the clinical benefits of using ProScan, the first FDA cleared AI Assisted Reading Tool for Small Bowel Video Capsule Endoscopy. This significant milestone, which further validates the AI technology, firmly establishes NaviCam SB with ProScan as the most advanced technology in small bowel video capsule endoscopy.

The study, AI-assisted capsule endoscopy reading in suspected small bowel bleeding: a multicentre prospective study, published in Lancet Digital Health, was conducted across 14 European centers validating ProScan's effectiveness in different clinical settings and supporting its generalizability and scalability.  Overall, the findings demonstrated an increased diagnostic yield and significantly higher lesion detection rate. These findings suggest that integrating ProScan into clinical practice can enhance the diagnostic process for small bowel bleeding through more accurate and quicker readings, ultimately benefiting patient management and healthcare efficiency.

"ProScan is a groundbreaking AI-assisted reading tool that marks a significant leap forward in gastrointestinal diagnostics, stated Dr. Cristiano Spada, Professor of Gastroenterology at Gemelli Hospital in Rome, Italy. ProScan not only enhances the accuracy of small bowel bleeding detection but also dramatically reduces reading times, offering clinicians a powerful tool to improve patient outcomes efficiently."

"This innovation underscores our continued commitment to advancing medical technology and supporting healthcare professionals in providing the best care possible, commented Stu Wildhorn, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at AnX Robotica."

About AnX Robotica

Founded in 2019, AnX Robotica stands as a pioneering force in the realm of advanced medical technology. Fueled by a commitment to merging cutting-edge research and development, the company is steadfast in its mission to furnish the medical community with user-friendly devices tailored for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, including NaviCam SB with ProScan, the NaviCam Xpress Magnetically controlled Capsule endoscopy system and IntraMarX 3D, radiopaque markers for colonic transit testing.

NaviCam® is a registered trademark of AnX Robotica Corporation.

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SOURCE AnX Robotica

First published on Mon, May 13, 2024

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