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PayJunction Receives Six Industry Awards For Customer Service And Payment Solutions

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PayJunction continues to be recognized for their customer service and payment technology solutions.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- PayJunction was recently recognized by three leading business award programs for their outstanding customer service and payment technology solutions, extending a multi-year streak in the respective winners' circles. The company was honored with four Gold TITAN Awards, one Silver Stevie® Award, and an award from the Business Intelligence Group.

PayJunction's commitment to putting customers first was validated by its four awards for Customer Service, spanning all three award platforms. Winning categories included "Customer Service Department of the Year" (TITAN, Stevie), "Customer Satisfaction Strategy" (TITAN), and "Excellence in Customer Service" (Business Intelligence Group). Representatives take pride in listening to every customer and following every issue to complete resolution. Customer satisfaction is measured regularly and consistently remains above 95%. Stevie Award judges' were impressed, commenting, "PayJunction . . . is an excellent example of how an effective Customer Service department helps increase client satisfaction and retention."

PayJunction's focus on continual innovation that uses technology to solve human problems and improve business outcomes earned the company two Gold TITAN Awards in the Business Technology category, one for important features added to its cloud-based payment solution and another for enhancements to its RESTful Application Programming Interface (API). PayJunction added multiple new payment acceptance features to help businesses boost productivity, improve the customer experience, lower transaction costs, and protect sensitive data.

"We're thrilled to be once again honored with prestigious awards that underscore our commitment to the success of our customers and partners," said Randy Modos, president, PayJunction. "As people-focused engineers, we understand the importance of quickly and effectively delivering innovative software and developer tools that businesses need to operate and scale."

About PayJunction

PayJunction, founded in 2000, has continually disrupted the payment processing industry with an approach that combines customer advocacy, transparent and ethical pricing, and environmental consciousness. PayJunction's cloud-based gateway and processing platform consolidates credit, debit and ACH transactions made in person, online, over the phone and on the go. Its technology helps businesses increase productivity, reduce costs and elevate the customer payment experience. PayJunction processes over $9 billion annually for US-based businesses. PayJunction's dedication to valuing long-term relationships over short-term profit has earned the company widespread recognition and awards from Stevie®, Glassdoor®, Titan® and others.

Media Contact

Ursula Librizzi, PayJunction, 1 800-601-0230,


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First published on Wed, May 24, 2023

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