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Nona Biosciences Enters Into Antibody Discovery Agreement With OPKO Health's ModeX Therapeutics

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nona Biosciences, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HBM Holdings Limited, committed to cutting-edge antibody technology innovation and provider of integrated solutions from "Idea to IND" (I to ITM), today announced it has entered into an agreement with ModeX Therapeutics, an OPKO Health company, for the use of Nona's platforms to support ModeX's development of multispecific antibody therapeutics.

Under the terms of the agreement, ModeX will have access to Nona Bioscience's fully human Harbour Mice® platforms to accelerate discovery of monoclonal antibodies to be integrated into ModeX's MSTAR platform. This is intended to significantly reduce an often time-consuming step of the preclinical development process. The MSTAR platform is designed to layer multispecific functionality onto industry standard antibody designs to enable a much wider range of functionality and disease applicability. The collaboration aims to leverage each company's unique strengths to drive forward the discovery of cutting edge treatments.

"We are delighted to enter into this collaboration with ModeX Therapeutics," Jingsong Wang, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman of Nona Biosciences, said, "We believe that our discovery platforms are highly complementary to ModeX's approach and are pleased to be able to offer a solution with the potential to speed the discovery of antibodies that ModeX can leverage in multispecific research and development."

"We look forward to partnering with Nona Biosciences to accelerate and enhance our discovery of novel multispecific antibody constructs that our team can advance into clinical development," said John Mascola, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer at ModeX.

About Nona Biosciences

Nona Biosciences (a wholly-owned subsidiary of HBM Holdings, HKEX: 02142) is a global biotechnology company committed to cutting edge technology innovation, and providing a total solution from "Idea to IND" (I to ITM), ranging from target validation and antibody discovery through preclinical research. The integrated antibody and antibody-related discovery services with multiple modalities range from antigen preparation, animal immunization, single B cell screening, to antibody lead generation and engineering, developability assessment and pharmacological evaluation, leveraging advantages of Harbour Mice® platforms and the experienced therapeutic antibody discovery team.

Harbour Mice® generates fully human monoclonal antibodies in classical two light and two heavy chain (H2L2) format, and heavy chain only (HCAb) formats. Integrating Harbour Mice® and a single B cell cloning platform, Nona Biosciences is focused on driving global inventions of transformative next-generation drugs. For more information, please visit:

About ModeX Therapeutics

ModeX Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative multispecific biologics for cancer and infectious disease. Its platforms unite the power of multiple biologics in a single molecule to create multispecific antibodies and vaccines with unprecedented versatility and potency in fighting complex disease. The ModeX pipeline includes candidates against both solid and hematologic tumors, as well as several of the world's most pressing viral threats. Its founding team includes globally recognized medical innovators with proven track records of delivering breakthroughs for patients. ModeX is an OPKO Health company based in Natick, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit

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First published on Tue, May 23, 2023

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