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NetSTAR Elevates Phish Detection With The Launch Of PhishCompass™: The AI-Powered Real-Time Phishing Detection Tool

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SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- NetSTAR – the global leader in OEM URL categorization, IP address reputation, web application categorization, and threat intelligence SDKs and services – today announced a groundbreaking advancement in phish detection technology with the introduction of PhishCompass™. This innovative AI-supported solution marks a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against phishing threats and attacks, tailored for a wide range of industry sectors including security, networking, cloud services, service providers, and mobile operations.

PhishCompass: Pioneering Real-Time Phish Detection

PhishCompass integrates three advanced AI detectors to scrutinize domain strings, HTML content and visual elements, assessing the phishing threat potential of websites. It is precisely engineered to deliver instant protection, proactively identifying URLs potentially used for phishing.

Utilizing NetSTAR's extensive telemetry from over 1.8 billion endpoints across more than 275 OEM partners, PhishCompass maintains a dynamic database of URLs recognized as phishing threats while also utilizing proprietary AI engines for the purpose of detecting in real-time.

A key feature of PhishCompass is its sophisticated AI-powered image recognition, which identifies hundreds of brands, significantly bolstering its phishing detection capabilities. This technology is crucial in combating phishing threats, particularly those involving brand impersonation.

PhishCompass is designed to integrate seamlessly with NetSTAR's existing solutions, such as inCompass and WebApp Compass, enabling a comprehensive approach to URL categorization and threat analysis.

"PhishCompass is the embodiment of NetSTAR's commitment to pioneering in the cybersecurity space. As the digital ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, the need for robust, real-time defenses grows. We are proud to offer our partners and their users a solution that is not only technologically advanced but also simple to integrate and use," said Daniel Ashby, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at NetSTAR. "Our goal was to create a tool that empowers organizations to stay one step ahead of cyber threats, and with PhishCompass, we're making that a reality. This is more than just a product; it's a vital component of a proactive cybersecurity strategy."

Immediate Accessibility

Available now, PhishCompass can be accessed via a web browser-based lookup tool and a cloud service through a REST API. This user-friendly service does not require local SDKs or databases, streamlining integration into current systems with straightforward cURL commands or HTTP requests. Interested parties are encouraged to explore PhishCompass's advanced features by reaching out to NetSTAR at for evaluations and demonstrations.

About NetSTAR:
Since 2001, NetSTAR has been the global leader in OEM integrated solutions for URL categorization, web and SaaS app categorization, and threat intelligence. With over 275 OEM partners around the globe, NetSTAR has visibility into internet traffic from over 1.8 billion endpoints/clients. This visibility, combined with our technology and our team's expertise, is generating market-leading value for our partners.

Thomas Ashby


First published on Mon, Feb 26, 2024

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