TechDogs-"Managed SIEM Services Focus on Security and Real-Time Data Analysis, says CloudIBN, A Top Cloud Security Company"


Managed SIEM Services Focus on Security and Real-Time Data Analysis, says CloudIBN, A Top Cloud Security Company

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CloudIBN is an expert cloud security and managed services company providing managed SIEM and SOC services to various organizations

TechDogs-"Managed SIEM Services Focus on Security and Real-Time Data Analysis, says CloudIBN, A Top Cloud Security Company"
PUNE, India
, Dec. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Managed SIEM services are the optimal solution for organizations looking to ensure better cyber security. Not only can they detect and alert against potential threats, but they also make it easier to access data across enterprise infrastructures. With an integrated platform that allows organizations to keep track of their systems' performance and activity while complying with relevant regulations, managed SIEM services provide a comprehensive approach to an organization's security needs. Furthermore, these services prioritize security reporting, giving organizations peace of mind that their security is being taken seriously.

Managed SIEM services (Microsoft Sentinel and others) by CloudIBN provide real-time event detection, alerting and reporting capabilities that enable organizations to detect, respond and remediate potential security incidents quickly. Also on offer is cloud-based secure log management, which enables organizations to easily collect security logs from all IT devices in one secure repository for quick analysis and response. CloudIBN ensures that the highest levels of security are always maintained for an organization's data.

Mr. Ajay Mehta, CEO and Founder of CloudIBN emphasizes that, "the right SIEM solution can enable organizations to efficiently monitor and manage their IT infrastructure, actively detect threats, and uncover anomalies, thereby helping them build a secure environment. However, many organizations tend to overlook the challenges associated with deploying and managing these solutions due to lack of technical expertise or resources. Suren, Global Head, Sales & Strategies and Pratik, CTO at CloudIBN understand that the IT infrastructure of an organization plays a major role in its overall success."

The CloudIBN team provides managed SIEM services ( to help corporate entities with their IT and security strategies. These services will not only ensure robust security for IT networks, but also reduce costs whenever possible. With the CloudIBN team managing client's IT infrastructure, client businesses have complete peace of mind that all their data is safe and secure.

Partnering with CloudIBN for managed SIEM services, allows businesses and corporate IT and security departments to benefit in a range of ways, including 

  • Increased visibility across their entire network infrastructure
  • Streamlined security operations by automating core processes such as log collection, analysis, alerting, response, and reporting
  • 24/7 monitoring of their environment for malicious activity or unauthorized access attempts
  • Streamline Compliance Management
  • Minimal Cost of Ownership
  • Expand Security Team with Specialized talent

In addition to SIEM services, CloudIBN also offers Active Directory & Azure AD support services, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security Services, Azure/AWS Security Services, Cloud Security Assessments & Compliances, Managed Firewalls & IPS, Endpoint & XDR Protection Platforms, Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing as well as Identity & Access Management Services.

CloudIBN's team of certified specialists can help secure organizations, their networks and ensure compliance with industry best practices and standards. The team provides regular maintenance and monitoring services to identify potential threats before they become dangerous. With CloudIBN's comprehensive security solutions, prospects and clients can rest assured that their business is protected from the latest cyber threats.

About CloudIBN:

CloudIBN ( is a trusted partner for cloud-based solutions. With over 22 years of experience, our expert certified team has successfully helped numerous organizations around the world adopt and secure their public (Azure / AWS) and private cloud infrastructure.

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through our ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 certification, as well as our partnerships with leading technology giants such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise concerning these platforms make us a reliable go-to source for businesses looking to fully optimize the advantages that come with switching to the cloud.

Contact Details:

Suren Bairagi

Global Head, Sales & Strategies,

India: +91-74117 82300

USA: +12815440740 

UK: +442037699111

SG: +65-316334050  



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First published on Wed, Dec 21, 2022

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