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Lumistry Unveils Next-Generation Software Platform To Revolutionize Independent Pharmacy Operations

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An innovative platform brings its Second Screen™ and Digital Counter™ technology to independent pharmacies, enabling them to improve productivity, patient experience, and profitability.

AUSTIN, Texas, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Lumistry, an innovative leader in pharmacy technology, introduces its cutting-edge software as a service platform that unlocks its Second Screen™ for pharmacies and its Digital Counter™ for patients. Lumistry's platform provides an ecosystem of integrated and interoperable tools that address the challenges faced by independent pharmacies.

Lumistry launches an innovative platform to bring its Second Screen™ and Digital Counter™ technology to pharmacies.

With Lumistry's platform, pharmacies can manage prescriptions, appointments, messaging (SMS, email, and mobile app notifications), forms, and tasks in one intuitive and unified dashboard. This interoperable ecosystem streamlines and automates much of the work and communications that pharmacies currently perform using outdated, manual, and paper-based approaches. 

Through a custom-branded mobile app and patient portal, the Lumistry® platform extends functionality for prescription management, appointments, messaging, and more to patients, allowing them to communicate and work digitally with their pharmacy when and where they choose.

"To fulfill our mission of helping pharmacies help people, we have built a groundbreaking solution that will transform pharmacy operations and elevate patients' experience," said Corey Hansen, CEO of Lumistry®. "Lumistry's platform will eliminate the need for costly point solutions, while simultaneously providing independent pharmacies with the capabilities required to thrive in the future."

Independent pharmacies face mounting challenges, including escalating costs and fierce competition from larger rivals armed with advanced software solutions. For instance, the cost of dispensing prescription medication for independent pharmacies increased by 15% to $12.90 in 2022, up from $11.22 in 2021. Similarly, the average cost of goods sold rose to 79% in 2022, up from 76.7% in 2021. In response to these challenges, pharmacy industry experts and associations such as The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and CPESN are calling for independent pharmacies to transform their businesses by implementing software that increases operational productivity and improves patient experience.

"We recognize the pivotal role independent pharmacies play in community healthcare," said Hansen. "Our platform grants independents access to best-in-class technology that was previously available only to the industry's largest retail and online pharmacies, empowering them to provide elevated patient care with a seamless digital experience."

For more information about Lumistry's solutions visit or talk to an expert.

About Lumistry®

Lumistry® is comprised of an innovative team of people committed to helping pharmacies help people by building software that improves pharmacy productivity and elevates patient experience. Lumistry® enables access to best-in-class technology for pharmacies, leveling the playing field and empowering all pharmacies to thrive in today's digital landscape. Lumistry® serves more than 9,000 pharmacies in the United States and Europe. Visit for more information.

Media contact: Maria Kassam,

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First published on Tue, Jun 4, 2024

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