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LDR Growth Partners Acquires ATI Corporation, Leading Northeast Grading Products And Loader Attachment Company

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NEW HOLLAND, Pa., Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- LDR Growth Partners LP announced the acquisition by LDR Growth Partners Fund I LP (together with its parallel vehicle, the "American Manufacturing Fund" or "AMF") of the business of ATI Corporation ("ATI"), in a private transaction closed on Tuesday, October 17. ATI is a U.S.-headquartered and family-owned business specializing in manufacturing skid steer and track loader attachments with a focus on precision grading attachments.

"With manufacturing being one of the largest sectors of opportunity within the United States, LDR considers manufacturing companies like ATI critical to the future growth of the American economy. These companies provide vital jobs and local investment for communities across the nation," said Lauren Gore, Partner at LDR Growth Partners. "The investment by the AMF in ATI is a testament to the nearly five decades of work put into the legacy, business, and products of ATI and we are honored to be a part of the team carrying this tradition forward."

"As a team, we are excited and confident with LDR's support in the next phase of ATI's legacy. We are excited to have LDR on our team contributing industry expertise to scale our business and increase value for our loyal customer base during a time when American manufacturing is faced with a multitude of opportunities," said Bart Townsend, newly appointed General Manager of ATI.

Since being established in 1978, ATI Corporation has specialized in the manufacturing of attachments for skid steer and track loaders, with a particular emphasis on precision grading attachments. ATI has demonstrated a commitment to operational excellence and exceptional quality precision grading attachments, cultivating its reputation rooted in delivering unparalleled products and exceptional customer service. ATI has introduced various skid steer and track loader and precision attachments, including the Preseeder® landscaping tiller that significantly increases productivity in landscape and site preparation and their flagship product, Level Best grading boxes, a foremost brand for laser grading equipment and systems within the construction, excavation, and site preparation industries.

"ATI employees have a deep loyalty to the company and demonstrate a high level of motivation and exceptional skills, and we are confident in LDR's ability to leverage the expertise of existing and new leadership to bolster the company's growth and build on a history of offering outstanding products backed by renowned customer service," said Jansen Herr, second-generation family owner and prior President of ATI.

"At LDR, we are committed to strategically enhancing the capabilities and fostering growth in companies ready to expand, working synergistically with capable management teams to pinpoint opportunities for fresh value creation. We invest in people, technology, and resources essential to ensure adept leadership transition, workflow enhancement, strategic initiatives, and forward alignment between vendors, suppliers, and customers," said Richard Sexton, Partner at LDR Growth Partners.


Founded in 1978, ATI Corporation ("ATI") specializes in the manufacturing of attachments for skid steer and track loaders, with a particular emphasis on precision grading attachments. With more than 30 employees, ATI is headquartered in New Holland, PA, and occupies a 40,000-square-foot facility outfitted with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. ATI Corporation developed and introduced the Preseeder® landscaping tiller in 1984, helping the landscape and site preparation industries take big steps forward in productivity. The company has made Level Best grading boxes since 1996.


LDR Growth Partners LP ("LDR") is a people-focused investment firm that supports growth-oriented businesses, management teams, and entrepreneurs with equity capital and precision support to scale operations and maximize returns under values of trust, service, creativity, and discipline. LDR is led by a five-person cross-functional leadership team, and was founded in 2011 by U.S. Army Officers, with a common vision for business leadership and the power of building, supporting, and leading exceptional teams while growing the legacies of North American companies over the long term. LDR has built a successful track record of operationally improving companies across numerous sectors and is also the owner of LDR Advisory Partners and LDR Leadership, firms that focus on improving company, employee, and leadership performance.

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First published on Wed, Oct 18, 2023

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