TechDogs-"Introducing SmartX HCI 5.1, Full Stack HCI For Both Virtualized And Containerized Apps In Production"


Introducing SmartX HCI 5.1, Full Stack HCI For Both Virtualized And Containerized Apps In Production

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BEIJING, Sept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartX had announced its upgraded hyper-converged infrastructure portfolio, SmartX HCI 5.1, which can provide unified computing, storage, network, and management support for virtualized and containerized applications in production environments. With SmartX HCI 5.1, customers are able to drive IT infrastructure modernization and containerization with just one platform.

All Products

SMTX OS 5.1 (Server Virtualization | Distributed Storage), HCI Software.

CloudTower 3.2 (O&M | Resource Management | Observability), Management Platform.

SMTX Kubernetes Service 1.0, Container Management and Service.

Everoute 2.0 (Distributed Firewall | Load Balancer | Container Network Interface), Software-Defined Network and Security.

SMTX Backup & DR 2.0, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery.

SMTX CloudMove 1.0, Migration Tool (from VMware to SmartX).

SMTX Migration Tool 1.4, Migration Tool (from various sources to SmartX).

What's New

New virtualization features such as GPU passthrough, vGPU, DRS, USB passthrough, PCI passthrough, and Virtual NIC QoS.

Enhanced storage performance through features like large page memory allocation, CPU binding, storage concurrent access mechanism, and I/O logic optimization.

Support "Network Visualization" feature to display VM data flows and security policy enforcement results.

Added software-defined network load balancer to improve application performance and security.

Integrated the original SMTX Backup & Recovery with the asynchronous replication capabilities, SMTX Backup & DR provides a comprehensive data protection and DR solution for VMs on SmartX HCI.

A wider CPU and GPU compatibility.

Support a broader range of migration sources (virtualization/HCI, bare metal, mainstream public clouds, and OpenStack private clouds) with SMTX CloudMove.


On top of the existing advantages such as flexibility, lightweight, and freedom of choice, SmartX HCI 5.1 improves on the following capabilities.

Unified Resource Management: Consolidate on-premises virtual machine and container workloads, reducing the resource silos and costs associated with Kubernetes clusters.

Unified High Performance and Stability in Production: Support mission critical applications and stateful applications in containers with one platform.

Unified Security and Observability in Cloud: Protect both VM and container workloads running on HCI clusters and visually monitor network performance and security status in real time.

Unified Operation and Orchestration: Achieve fast launch, quick scale-out and easy operation for both VMs and Kubernetes clusters.

Read the SMTX OS and CloudTower specs to discover more.

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SOURCE SmartX Inc.

First published on Tue, Sep 12, 2023

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