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HighByte Releases Industrial DataOps Solution With Native Connectivity To The Snowflake Data Cloud

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Industrial software company announces HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.3, expanding interoperability with industry-leading cloud services

PORTLAND, Maine, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- HighByte®, an industrial software company, today announced the release of HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.3 that offers new and improved interoperability with industry-leading cloud services, including the Snowflake Data Cloud and AWS IoT SiteWise. The latest release introduces two new native connectors for Snowflake supporting a broad set of use cases for industrial enterprises.

The first new connector, Snowflake Streaming, utilizes the Snowflake Snowpipe Streaming
API. This interface enables direct publishing to Snowflake tables without the need for staging files or third-party applications. This significantly reduces the compute, latency, and cost of frequently moving telemetry events into Snowflake. The second new connector, Snowflake SQL, enables HighByte Intelligence Hub users to directly query Snowflake tables. Rather than merely publishing to Snowflake, the Intelligence Hub can operationalize insights and context derived through the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud by making this data available for industrial devices and applications.

"With the Intelligence Hub, Snowflake customers will benefit from modeled industrial data that reflects the reality of their operations and not the constraints of a connector and underlying industrial data sources," said Pugal Janakiraman, Industry Field CTO for Manufacturing at Snowflake. "The new interoperability introduced in HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.3 makes advanced use cases a reality for our industrial customers, including closed-loop event handling at the edge based on anomalies detected from ML/AI workloads in the Snowflake Data Cloud. We look forward to continued collaboration with HighByte to ensure our customers get even more value from Snowflake's single, integrated platform."

HighByte Intelligence Hub is an Industrial DataOps solution that contextualizes and standardizes raw industrial data at the edge, delivering usable information to cloud service partners. Receiving consistent, usable industrial data accelerates adoption and scale of these cloud services, helping industrial companies orchestrate digital transformation projects across their enterprise. The Intelligence Hub gives operational technology (OT) domain experts a no-code application to curate and contextualize industrial data according to standard data models.

"This release puts the unified namespace's data to use," said Aron Semle, Chief Technology Officer at HighByte. "As the UNS architectural pattern continues to grow in both interest and adoption in the industrial market, we can complement that architecture by delivering industry-leading interoperability with cloud and SQL database services through HighByte Intelligence Hub. We have a bold vision for the Intelligence Hub and we're driving it forward with each release."

Intelligence Hub version 3.3 also introduces tighter integration with AWS IoT SiteWise. The Intelligence Hub's modeling engine and the IoT SiteWise connector have been refined and enhanced for working with hierarchical asset structures. These improvements simplify the user experience, reduce effort, and provide a single, no-code approach for composing and delivering asset-model hierarchies to IoT SiteWise as well as hydrating them with industrial data.

Users will experience several new features that improve performance, ease-of-use, and reliability in version 3.3. Pipelines, most notably, now have event replay integrated into the graphical builder. Output connections, including store and forward, have statistics to monitor and manage their health. Core elements of the Intelligence Hub have been refactored to improve the handling and performance of large datasets. These improvements, among others, make HighByte Intelligence Hub a complete, essential Industrial DataOps solution for scaling digital transformation across the enterprise.

HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.3 is now commercially available. All new features and capabilities introduced in version 3.3 are included in standard pricing. Please contact HighByte or an authorized distributor to request a trial or purchase a subscription license.

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About HighByte

HighByte is an industrial software company in Portland, Maine USA building solutions that address the data architecture and integration challenges created by Industry 4.0. HighByte Intelligence Hub, the company's award-winning Industrial DataOps software, provides modeled, ready-to-use data to the Cloud using a codeless interface to speed integration time and accelerate analytics. Learn more at

HighByte is a registered trademark of HighByte, Inc.

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First published on Tue, Feb 6, 2024

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