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Globant Create: The New Studio That Helps Brands Leverage The Best Of AI And Tech into Creativity And Marketing

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With an agency approach enhanced with AI, Globant Create will combine creativity and  marketing strategy with data, and cutting-edge technology to offer its clients unique ways of connecting with their customers

This new creative powerhouse will merge former Digital Sales and Digital Marketing Studios with recently acquired creative agencies in Europe and Latin America

NEW YORK, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, announced today the launch of Globant Create, a new Studio that combines creativity, marketing, and media with AI, Data, and other cutting-edge technologies to develop full 360 marketing strategies. Globant Create will offer current and future clients new ways of engaging and surprising users.

The ever-evolving technological landscape and the exponential growth of AI-based digital products increased consumer's demand and appetite for top-quality digital experiences across every industry. With an agency approach enhanced with AI, Globant Create will provide a full-funnel service that addresses every aspect of digital marketing: from strategy to engagement, from technology to creativity, from acquisition to loyalty, from insights to meaningful experiences.

Globant Create is born out of the combination of former Digital Sales and Digital Marketing Studios and the amazing talent that joined the Globant family from acquired creative and performance agencies in recent years, such as Habitant in Europe and Ad_Bid and KTBO in Latin America. Starting today, our marketing, creativity, strategy and product management experts will work collaboratively in this new Studio and in close connection with all 35+ Globant Studios to leverage AI and other technologies with their expertise in multiple industries and markets. Globant Create will be one of the most certified and validated creative organizations globally, with partnerships with Adobe and Salesforce, along with being one of the few Google Partner Premier worldwide.

"Globant Create is a one-stop-shop for all marketing needs. We will accelerate growth for our clients by leveraging best practices on how AI, among other technologies, can apply to marketing and creativity and build competitive advantages at a global scale," said Pepe Chamorro, former Habitant's co-founder with 25+ years of experience and recently appointed Globant Create Studio Director. "At Globant Create, we believe in technology as the vehicle to make the world move forward, and in creativity as the energy behind it," he added.

"Globant has become a global leader in digital and cognitive transformation. Consolidating our creative value proposition under a unified top team and leveraging the best array of technologies and a world-class delivery is a new milestone in our growth path," said Martín Migoya, Co-founder and CEO of Globant. "We believe that brands and technology are more intertwined than ever before. Consumers are asking for more personalization and better interaction, and it's time for every brand to find the best way to leverage AI and Data, among other breakthroughs," he added. 

With this new offering, Globant will leverage its expertise in working with clients such as Kellogg's, Mattel, Janssen, Uber, Nissan, Unicredit, Samsung, LaLiga, Electronic Arts, McDonald's, and Virgin telco, among others, to continue reinventing marketing needs.

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About Globant

We are a digitally native company that helps organizations reinvent themselves and unleash their potential. We are the place where innovation, design, and engineering meet at scale.

  • We have more than 27,000 employees and we are present in 25 countries and 5 continents working for companies like Google, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others.
  • We were named a Worldwide Leader in CX Improvement Services by IDC MarketScape report.
  • We were also featured as a business case study at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.
  • We are a member of The Green Software Foundation (GSF) and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord.


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First published on Thu, May 11, 2023

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