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GitKraken Launches Team Insights For Jira, The First Planning Tool To Combine Git And Jira Data Across Projects And Issues

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As a Platinum Partner, company continues to invest in new apps for the Atlassian Marketplace to help developers and their teams move more quickly

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- GitKraken, the leader in Git tools for developers and their teams, today previewed its innovative marketplace app, Team Insights for Jira. This free app offers Jira Cloud users the unprecedented ability to view all team activities in Jira and Git, displayed on a unified issue timeline.

Team Insights for Jira (TIJ) provides a familiar Gannt chart view of epics and issues enhanced by overlaying user activity from Jira (status changes, comments, time logged) and Git repositories (branches, commits, pull requests, tags). Users can filter by project, sprint, contributors, issue type, and more to drill down on the exact list of issues that matter to them. This comprehensive visualization enables Jira users to easily see how work is progressing against plan, based on real-time activity data.

Following the recent launch of the CI/CD for Jira app, TIJ is the second extension that enhances the already robust capabilities of the company's popular Git Integration for Jira app, serving more than 4 million users and 10,000+ companies worldwide.

"After using the app for a short time, we already see the game-changing potential Team Insights for Jira has for our development team. Observing the volume and specifics of activity on an issue in real time tells us so much more than simple issue status and start/end dates can," said Guido Patanella, SVP Engineering at Lansweeper, an early-access customer. "It's quickly become a staple in helping us uncover hidden data in Jira to improve both our pace and precision."

"Atlassian Marketplace Partners like GitKraken play such a critical role in providing customers with valuable extensions of Atlassian products," said Sunny Manaktala, Atlassian Marketplace Sr. Manager. "With Team Insights for Jira, GitKraken is expanding the capabilities of our product suite to meet even more developer needs."

TIJ was developed to help product managers, development team leaders, and developers better understand how their project is progressing – and to have visibility before it gets stuck.

"With Team Insights for Jira, everyone has access to the same data and can use it to help improve their own work and their teams' work," said Adam Wride, GM of Planning Solutions at GitKraken. "I'm always working to understand what work the team is investing in compared to our original development plan. We've been dogfooding Team Insights for Jira, and our standups, retrospectives, and other meetings have become so much more productive."

GitKraken is launching Team Insights for Jira in a limited Preview to gather additional customer feedback before general availability. To join the Preview, visit the Team Insights for Jira page on the GitKraken website. The new extension is free for all Jira Cloud users. To include Git data in the views, users must have Git Integration for Jira connected to their Git repositories. For those looking to get started, a free trial of Git Integration for Jira is available.

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First published on Fri, Apr 14, 2023

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