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Fosun International Included In S&P Global's Sustainability Yearbook 2024 And Recognized As Industry Mover

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HONG KONG, Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Fosun International Limited (HKEX stock code: 00656, "Fosun International")   announced for the first time it was included in the Sustainability Yearbook 2024 by S&P Global and recognized as an Industry Mover according to "Corporate Sustainability Assessment" (CSA) for its continuous efforts in environmental, social and governance (ESG) over the years.

In its 20th edition now, the annual S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook aims to distinguish individual companies, within their industries, that have demonstrated strengths in corporate sustainability.

Membership was assessed based on 2023 Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) scores, with companies within the top 15% of their industry by number and falling within 30% of that industry's top performing company being included in the Yearbook. Membership was highly competitive this year; of the over 9,400 companies in 62 industries assessed in the 2023 CSA, only 759 companies are included in the 2024 Sustainability Yearbook. Industry Mover is awarded to the company achieved an improvement in its S&P Global CSA Score of at least five percent and accomplished the strongest improvement in their industry.

In 2023, Fosun International was successfully included in S&P Global's Sustainability Yearbook 2023 (China Edition) and was recognized as an "Industry Mover" for its commitment and progress in ESG initiatives. 

Fosun has always paid attention to the development of the global sustainability. It has established a sound ESG management system. Over the years, it has integrated ESG management requirements into business management, and actively responded to national strategies, ensured information security, promoted technology innovation, implemented "dual carbon" goals, participated in public welfare, protected the rights and interests of employees to promote sustainable management and value creation. 

Leveraging on years of continuous cultivation in the ESG field, long term responsible operations and effective management, Fosun International's S&P Global CSA ESG score has continued to rise and be well ahead of its peers since 2018. Therefore, Fosun was recognized as an Industry Mover by S&P Global.

Since its establishment, Fosun has defined its corporate operating principles and cultural values of "Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance, and Contribution to Society". It has been closely linking the development and achievement of individuals and enterprise with the improvement of social welfare all along. As a global enterprise rooted in China, Fosun will continue to uphold the original aspiration of developing business for good and "Contribution to Society", actively shoulder more social responsibilities, and make unremitting efforts in the fields of global emergency relief, rural revitalization, health, education, culture and art, youth development, etc. to create social value.

About Fosun

Fosun was founded in 1992. After more than 30 years of development, Fosun has become a global innovation-driven consumer group. Adhering to the mission of creating happier lives for families worldwide, Fosun is committed to creating a global happiness ecosystem fulfilling the needs of one billion families in health, happiness, and wealth. In 2007, Fosun International Limited was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 00656.HK). As of 30 June 2023, Fosun International's total assets amounted to RMB834.9 billion. Fosun received an MSCI ESG rating of AA and was the only conglomerate in Greater China with such rating.

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First published on Fri, Feb 9, 2024

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