TechDogs-"EYERIDE To Introduce Revolutionary AI-Powered Dashcam At CES 2023"

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EYERIDE To Introduce Revolutionary AI-Powered Dashcam At CES 2023

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TechDogs-"EYERIDE To Introduce Revolutionary AI-Powered Dashcam At CES 2023"
EYEDASH AI improves fleet driver safety and protects fleet operations with a powerful suite of tools that deliver real-time data

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- US-based EYERIDE, a leading manufacturer of fleet management and cyber technology, is set to unveil its powerful embedded AI dashcam at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas. Named EYEDASH AI and equipped with the latest AI technology for driver safety and assisted driving, the innovative dash camera takes driver safety and preventive driving to the next level by helping drivers avoid road accidents and protect fleet operators' businesses.

EYEDASH AI is equipped with Quectel's powerful global communication module. Quectel will be hosting EYERIDE at booth #10862 at CES in the Las Vegas Convention Center on Thursday, Jan. 05, 2023, to showcase its innovative AI-powered dashcam. In addition to EYEDASH AI, Quectel will also be exhibiting various other world-class IoT solutions.

"Unveiling EYEDASH AI at CES is a big moment for us," said EYERIDE CEO Michael Wiegler. "We're excited to collaborate with one of the world's biggest chip manufacturers and be at the forefront of the technological change in the way commercial fleets operate."


EYEDASH AI fully integrates with the company's cloud-based fleet management and telematics software platform. The ready-to-go solution shows fleet managers actual events both in and around their vehicles.

EYEDASH AI Quickly Scans Road Situations

EYEDASH AI incorporates advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and driver monitoring systems (DMS). By utilizing the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, EYEDASH AI can simultaneously monitor the driver's behavior and watch out for road hazards.

  • ADAS: EYERIDE's ADAS delivers a comprehensive set of features such as forward collision alerts, pedestrian collision alerts, headway monitoring alerts, blind spot detection, headway monitoring warnings, lane departure warnings, and more.
  • DMS: The interior-facing camera recognizes facial expressions to detect driver tiredness, smoking, phone usage, eating, paper reading, unsecured seatbelts, and any other condition that could compromise the security and safety of the vehicle and its occupants.

EYEDASH AI Delivers Real-Time Warnings

The system delivers real-time alerts both in the cabin and at the manager's office. Supervisors can select the warnings and events they want to receive depending on their business's specific needs. For example, fleet executives can create an alert for hard braking, cornering, speeding, traffic violations, or other dangerous conditions. These notifications could assist supervisors in reducing irresponsible driving while also resulting in fuel savings due to reducing these poor driving behaviors.

EYEDASH AI Safeguards Fleet Businesses and Reputation

The video evidence of an incident assists fleet businesses in legal disputes and prevents needless disbursements. It also improves driving conduct and employee retention because drivers understand that video evidence can prove they were not to blame.

Join EYERIDE at booth #10862 at CES 2023, where they will showcase their new-generation AI-powered dashcam for global markets.


EYERIDE is a cutting-edge technology manufacturer offering fleet management and tracking, video telematics, cybersecurity, and many other tech solutions for various industries. With a varied client base composed of the US military, Department of Defense and Coast Guard, local police agencies, municipalities, heavy industries, and transport and security companies, EYERIDE offers world-leading and robust military-grade mobile real-time remote supervision, control, and communications systems. To learn more, visit

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First published on Wed, Jan 4, 2023

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