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Document360 Launches API Documentation Feature To Their Knowledge Base Solution

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LONDON, March 24, 2023 /CNW/ -- Document360 has launched yet another intuitive feature to their documentation suite. The new API documentation feature is well-suited for developers to create full-fledged documentation for API reference. With the new feature, developers can take API references and produce developer-friendly documentation. 

Speaking about the feature, Saravana Kumar, CEO & Founder of Document360, says, "Organizations of all dimensions depend on APIs to incite their digital transformation and API documentation is critical to their success. This feature will be a first-class and create pleasant developer experience."

The new API documentation support comes with the following features:

  1. Swagger/OpenAPI import – Add API references using OpenAPI V2 &V3 to read and fetch the specific details from the existing OpenAPI files.
  2. File URL - Create API documentation by entering the URL of hosted OAS file
  3. Powerful search - Allows developers to find endpoints, reference documentation, and schemas effortlessly with a wide search.
  4. API reference – Easy to use interface, try API calls, and receive real information back, including error codes and header details.
  5. Try It - lets users run requests from the browser and view a real response from API.
  6. Manual Editor - allows users to generate a stunning and interactive API reference section.
  7. Generate code samples in real-time - allows developers to generate code samples instantly.
  8. Resync – Keep API documentation updated with resync functionality.
  9. Logs - Display the recorded steps in chronological order with the details such as Source type, date & status.

Manikandan Subramaniam, Director of Engineering, Document360, further explains, "Our easy and intuitive UI helps developers try API endpoints in real time and generates code samples in different languages. With the smart sync, you can keep your API documentation up-to-date. Effortlessly integrated with knowledge base documentation, it becomes a one-stop solution for all your documentation needs."

About Document360

Document360 is a knowledge base solution engineered for growing companies for online self-service knowledge base for your Customers and Employees (accessed publicly or privately). It comes with an inbuilt knowledge base site and a knowledge base portal for editors and reviewers to manage the content. Companies can even create knowledge base incorporating the advantages of the portal and site. 

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First published on Fri, Mar 24, 2023

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