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Cloud Ratings Initiates Research Coverage Of Sales Conversation Intelligence Software

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SAN DIEGO, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloud Ratings has initiated research coverage of the Sales Conversation Intelligence Software category.

Ranked vendors included Abstrakt, Allego, Aviso, Avoma, Chorus, Clari, Dialpad, Gong, Hubspot, Infinity, Jiminny, Mediafly Coach360, Mediafly Intelligence360, Mindtickle, Outreach, Pickle,, Salesken, and Salesloft.

Over 18,000 customer ratings (inclusive of vendor-supplied Net Promoter Score - or NPS - data) factored into the Sales Conversation Intelligence Software category assessment.

Chart Quadrant Summary:

(Presented Alphabetically by Quadrant)

Leaders - High Market Adoption + High Customer Ratings:

- Clari

- Gong

- Mindtickle

- Salesken

Market Excellence - High Market Adoption:

- Chorus

- Dialpad

- Hubspot

- Outreach

- SalesLoft

Product Excellence - High Customer Ratings:

- Abstrakt

- Avoma

- Infinity

- Jiminny


- Pickle

Challenger - Market + Customer Validation:

- Allego

- Aviso

- Mediafly Intelligence360

Notable Vendor

- Mediafly Coach360

The full report is available at:

Defining Sales Conversation Intelligence Software: 

Sales Conversation Intelligence Software is a powerful tool that utilizes AI and NLP to capture, transcribe, and analyze sales interactions. By automatically extracting valuable insights from conversations, such as customer preferences, objections, and buying signals, it empowers sales teams to make informed decisions. The software enables sales managers to provide targeted coaching and training, while reps can learn from successful conversations and tailor their approach accordingly. It also aids in compliance monitoring, quality assurance, and streamlining collaboration among team members, ultimately helping organizations optimize their sales processes and drive revenue growth.


"In an environment where every qualified lead is precious, tools like Sales Conversation Intelligence Software are critical to maximizing pipeline conversions," commented Matt Harney, Founder of Cloud Ratings. "Our 2023 research agenda has prioritized the Sales function, like our initiation of Sales Conversation Intelligence Software alongside categories like Sales Compensation Software, Digital Sales Room Software, and the Demo Automation + Pre-Sales Software category."

About Cloud Ratings:

Cloud Ratings is a customer outcomes-focused, data-driven software research analyst firm. We exist to allow organizations to make more confident, lower-risk software purchasing decisions.

Built upon investigative customer interviews, our True ROI Reports quantify and provide 3rd party validation of a software product's business value. 

Our Cloud Ratings Category Report research methodology combines user reviews with verified vendor data to impartially identify leading software products.

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SOURCE Cloud Ratings

First published on Tue, Jul 25, 2023

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