TechDogs-"Chemical.AI Partners With NTU Singapore To Advance Automated, AI-Powered Research Platform For Nanomaterials"


Chemical.AI Partners With NTU Singapore To Advance Automated, AI-Powered Research Platform For Nanomaterials

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SINGAPORE , January 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Chemical.AI recently announced a partnership with Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU Singapore) to advance automation in nanomaterials laboratories. Under the agreement, Chemical.AI will design NTU's first automated research platform for nanomaterials studies, which facilitates synthesis, functionalization and measurement.

Through integrated algorithm and equipment technologies, Chemical.AI provides a fully automated and intelligent solution for the synthesis, experimental process and analysis of nanomaterials. Chemical.AI will also help NTU consolidate experimental data, establish databases of reaction conditions and results, and develop artificial intelligence models to optimize reaction conditions for the synthesis of nanomaterials and to identify the ingredients of the compounds based on the optical spectrum.

This collaboration is expected to significantly improve the performance and efficiency of nanomaterials research and development by facilitating the independent analysis of large experimental data sets and making synthesis and measurement processes smarter. It sets a strong precedent for future explorations and research into new materials.

“We are honored to begin a long-term collaboration with NTU Singapore,” said Ning Xia, CEO of Chemical.AI. Chemical.AI always aims to support chemists in various disciplines by optimizing laboratory productivity and precision. With our cutting-edge algorithms and deep laboratory experience, I am confident that this platform will revolutionize the discovery and analysis of new materials. »

ChemAIoT, the automation and AI solutions developed by Chemical.AI for chemistry laboratories, draws on more than a decade of chemical informatics and 60 million chemical data sets. It enables hybrid robots to use proprietary AI algorithms to achieve complete process automation and intelligence in chemical laboratories in various fields.

Designed to address real-world chemistry lab needs and chemistry challenges, Chemical.AI's algorithms can be used to customize reliable lab automation solutions and optimize navigation within lab modules. Each workstation performs tasks autonomously and collaborates with other workstations or a human researcher when necessary. ChemAIoT is highly compatible with various third-party devices that can integrate with current laboratory equipment. It helps build the Internet of Things (IoT) and collect experimental data for AI modeling.

"NTU Singapore is committed to advancing research and development in the field of nanomaterials, and we are excited to embrace the digitalization and automation of our research with Chemical.AI technology," said Professor Xing Yi Ling from the School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. With AI-assisted synthesis and measurement, our scientists now have more time to focus on creative thinking, opening up limitless possibilities for new discoveries and expanded applications. »

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First published on Fri, Jan 12, 2024

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