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Arctech's SkyLine II Shines Bright At Intersolar South America 2023, Redefining Solar Tracking Technology

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SAO PAULO, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Arctech, a global leader in the solar tracking industry, is set to make a significant impact at this year's Intersolar South America exhibition. With its highly acclaimed SkyLine II solar tracking system, Arctech aims to showcase its cutting-edge technology and demonstrate its commitment to promoting sustainable energy solutions. In a notable demonstration of dedication, the company has brought its entire assembly, including sales, technical, and project teams, to the event.

Recognizing the importance of Intersolar South America as a platform to showcase its latest innovations, Arctech has gone the extra mile by bringing its complete assembly to the event. This includes the sales, technical, and project teams, who will be available to provide comprehensive information, technical support, and project guidance to visitors and potential customers.

The presence of the sales team at the exhibition allows visitors to engage directly with Arctech's experts, gaining valuable insights into the SkyLine II system's features, benefits, and compatibility with various solar project requirements. The technical team, well-versed in the system's intricacies, will offer in-depth technical support, addressing any queries or concerns that potential customers may have. Additionally, the project team will be on hand to discuss specific project requirements and provide recommendations tailored to the unique needs of each customer.

New figures from Brazil's energy regulator, ANEEL, show that the country achieved an impressive 6.8 GW increase in PV generation capacity in the first half of 2023. Brazil reached 32 GW of cumulative installed PV capacity at the end of June, constituting approximately 14.7% of the nation's overall installed capacity, which currently stands at 194.38 GW. Arctech has been entering the LATAM region since 2018 and now has an accumulated regional portfolio of 3 GW in LATAM, with landmark projects including the 468MW SkyLine Project in Brazil, 365.8MW SkyLine II project in Mexico, and 82MW SkyLine II project in Argentina among others. 

Arctech's SkyLine II solar tracking solution has gained immense recognition for its innovative design and superior performance. The system incorporates a multi-point drive mechanism, setting it apart from traditional solar trackers. This groundbreaking technology allows for more precise solar panel positioning, maximizing energy output and overall system efficiency.

SkyLine II, Arctech's flagship product, possesses a distinct advantage in the LATAM market. It introduces a groundbreaking innovation as the first 1P (one-in-portrait) tracker, featuring a pentagonal torque tube and synchronous multi-point drive mechanism. This unique combination opens up exciting new possibilities in plant design by allowing the use of trackers with identical pile configurations, eliminating the uncertainties typically encountered during the early stages of plant construction. The synchronous multi-point drive mechanism technology significantly reinforces the tracker's stability, to the extent that it enables a 0-degree wind stow mode. This remarkable feature minimizes the discrepancy in wind pressure and post loads between the exterior and interior of the PV plant. Consequently, SkyLine II revolutionizes plant design by facilitating the use of trackers with uniform pile configurations. This breakthrough overcomes the challenges traditionally faced during the initial phases of plant design and construction. Unlike conventional trackers, which would require dismantling and replacing all trackers to achieve the same outcome, SkyLine II provides an innovative solution without the need for such complex measures.

With a steadfast focus on advancing sustainable energy solutions, Arctech is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of solar power in Latin America and beyond.

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First published on Wed, Aug 30, 2023

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