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Amperon Collaborates With Microsoft To Accelerate AI Adoption For Power & Utilities Companies

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HOUSTON, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Amperon, an AI-powered energy analytics and forecasting company, today announces it is replatforming its technology onto Microsoft Azure to deliver AI technology for the energy sector. With growing investments in renewables, increasing pressure from new load growth, and more extreme weather events, this collaboration will help companies successfully navigate the evolving grid to improve reliability, optimize asset economics, and accelerate decarbonization.

This collaboration with Microsoft marks a significant step forward in our mission to modernize energy data and AI.

To adapt to unprecedented changes affecting the electricity grid, the energy sector must embrace new data flows and technologies to support a seamless transition towards a decarbonized world. Combining Amperon's award-winning AI modeling and forecasting methodologies with Microsoft's capabilities in the cloud, energy companies will be better equipped with modern data capabilities to drive the energy transformation.

"This collaboration with Microsoft marks a significant step forward in our mission to modernize energy data and AI infrastructure. By replatforming our technology onto Microsoft Azure and enabling our customers to use Microsoft's analytics stack with our data, we aim to empower users to make informed decisions as they navigate the energy transition," said Abe Stanway, CTO of Amperon.

Amperon will offer one of the industry's most accurate energy forecasting technologies in the Azure Marketplace to provide enhanced integration capabilities that enable companies across the ecosystem to seamlessly incorporate new technologies into their existing tech stack. Energy companies can better understand the dynamic generation and demand in their territory to improve grid reliability while delivering value to customers. Renewable and thermal power producers can optimize financial risk management strategies and the economic value of their assets. Infrastructure and resource planners can more precisely forecast new multi-year generation and transmission projects.  

"We are pleased to collaborate with Amperon to enable our customers with a scalable data analytics platform for forecasting – one of the most essential ingredients to managing an increasingly complex energy grid. Together, we will drive energy solution advancements and contribute to a more sustainable future," commented Hanna Grene, Energy & Resources Industry Global GTM leader at Microsoft. 

About Amperon

Amperon is a technology company at the intersection of energy data and AI. Specializing in data management infrastructure, coherent AI/ML models, and leading-edge predictive analytics, Amperon helps the full spectrum of power and utility companies to improve grid reliability, optimize asset economics, and accelerate decarbonization. With a commitment to grid modernization and decarbonization, Amperon is the forecasting company of the energy transition. For more information about Amperon, visit

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First published on Tue, Mar 5, 2024

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