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Al Taher Chemicals Trading Selects Azentio ONEERP As Their Preferred Digital Solution To Drive Efficiency And Growth

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SINGAPORE, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Azentio Software, a leading software products company headquartered in Singapore, is thrilled to announce that its award-winning enterprise resource planning system - Azentio ONEERP was selected by Al Taher Chemicals Trading LLC. ("ATC") to help create efficiencies, making their business leaner as it scales.

ATC had been using a standalone financial accounting system for five years, but as their business operations and requirements grew, the need to standardize business procedures, gain visibility and business insights, minimize costs, while ensuring real-time tracking for manufactured and traded items became essential. ATC needed a solution that would intelligently manage supply chain issues, and identify profitable product lines and customers. The company identified Azentio ONEERP as the perfect fit for their business needs, and as a reliable solution partner that would advance productivity and ensure uninterrupted growth.

Azentio Software's President & Global Head – ERP, Suryanarayan Kasichainula said, "We welcome ATC to our growing list of clients in the UAE. As we all know, a robust ERP system is an important software tool to successfully operate a business. Azentio ONEERP is a powerful platform that enables real-time visibility and reporting, enhanced productivity and automation, while connecting every part of the business. We congratulate ATC on this decision to drive innovation and agility and maximize their ROI."

Dr. Qutubuddin Saify, Managing Director at ATC, commented, "In a rapidly changing industry, forward-looking enterprises are looking for ways to streamline efficiency, while maintaining product quality. Keeping lead times low seems increasingly difficult when you have global disruptions, a lack of supply chain visibility, and manual processes that bottleneck productivity. Further to multiple rounds of software evaluation, we believe Azentio ONEERP is the best-fit platform for our business challenges."

The project implementation will cover manufacturing processes management, procurement management, sales management, inventory management, finance management, equipment maintenance, VAT compliance as per the UAE federal tax authority regulations, and CRM. ATC is expected to leverage critical business benefits, including but not limited to, accurate manufacturing cost allocation, reduced resource waste, better production monitoring, FIFO enablement for material issuance, improved finance operations, increased profit margins, reduced DSO, ability to monitor profitability by product line, and finally, ability to monitor sales personnel and compensate accurately.


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SOURCE Azentio Software Pvt Ltd

First published on Wed, May 3, 2023

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