TechDogs-"After A Successful Series B Fundraising Round From Seoul Clinical Laboratories (Korea), Standard Foods And And AWS Cloud Services Representative GrandTech C.G. Systems (Taiwan), H2U Secured Over 10 Million USD In Funds"

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After A Successful Series B Fundraising Round From Seoul Clinical Laboratories (Korea), Standard Foods And And AWS Cloud Services Representative GrandTech C.G. Systems (Taiwan), H2U Secured Over 10 Million USD In Funds

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H2U is dedicated to promoting Lifestyle Medicine and employs AI data insights to deliver precision nutrition, preventive medicine, and holistic health solutions.

H2U is expanding its reach to South Korea through a SaaS-based digital health check platform and a closed-loop post-check health management program.

TAIPEI, Feb. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan's leading digital health brand, H2U, ushered in the lunar new year with exciting news. Entities such as Korea's largest medical laboratory, Seoul Clinical Laboratories (SCL), Taiwan's biggest food company, Standard Foods, the leading protein and antibody reagent innovator and manufacturer, Leadgene Biomedical, and AWS cloud services representative, GrandTech C.G. Systems, have enthusiastically joined H2U's current round of fundraising (Series B) before the lunar new year, raising over 10 million USD in funds. Prior to this round, H2U had already secured investments from reputable institutional investors, including Foxconn Technology, ADATA, TOPCO, UDN, WeLeader Bio, Flight International, Wondercise, and Sparklabs.

With this strong resource injection from these strategic investment partners, H2U has gained stable support in research and development, AI data insights, and product promotion. At the same time, AI by H2U provides valuable data insights on member behavior and health requirements, providing multi-faceted and diversified holistic healthy life solutions targeting thousands of domestic companies. Digital health management, personalized medical checkup plan, precise nutritional science, individualized sports prescriptions, and corporate health promotion are embodied in the digital health ecosystem platform H2U pano.

Established for ten years, H2U has recently achieved over 3,000,000 platform members by successfully integrating H2U eXpert, H2U eXamine, Everyday Health, Sports Note, and iFit. This achievement involved the effective implementation and breakdown of data silos, marking the initial step in continuous health data tracking and analysis. With the addition of new strategic partners in this round, H2U is poised to leverage cloud technology to enhance the data insight analysis of its AI engine, which recommends the best personalized health plans while gathering comprehensive scientific research to deepen nutritional management after health examinations. H2U's calling stems from Lifestyle Medicine, and nearly 500 organizations are members of the flagship product H2U pano, allowing them access to a top-quality medical examination structure and personalized testing solutions. H2U pano guides members through a holistic digital health journey, from assisting with booking medical appointments to hospital examinations and collecting post-examination reports. With user permission, H2U's AI engine can conduct a health risk assessment and recommend suitable personalized health plans, high-quality health products, diverse health-related courses, exercise prescriptions, and Lohas services. This core concept has garnered approval from strategic partners willing to integrate their resources to scale personalized health solutions through artificial intelligence and technology. At the same time, H2U pano has kickstarted a new digital health revolution, working to fundamentally overhaul the health of Taiwanese people.

H2U will officially establish its international presence in 2024. The company plans to enter the Korean medical market via the SCL Group during the first half of the year by building a SaaS-based digital health check platform and a closed-loop post-check health management program within South Korean medical examination centers. H2U will collaborate in developing the overseas market, leveraging SCL's extensive business territory in Northeast and Southeast Asia. At the same time, H2U plans to attend annual international medical events like Medica Germany, as well as CES and the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference USA. The company's aspiration is to become Asia's renowned digital health unicorn. It is anticipated to undergo an IPO by the end of this year to provide increased capital support for technological research and development.

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First published on Mon, Feb 26, 2024

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